3 Important Things to Consider Before You Send a Work Email

If you are working, you must have been doing a lot of interoffice and intraoffice correspondence through emails. Especially if your work is mostly done on a computer, emails may become a large part of your day. While emails are mostly used to communicate formally, they can be abused and can also affect the reputation of your company. Whether you are composing an email to convert a potential prospect into a client, to grow and promote your business, to network with other businesses, or to close a deal, there are certain important considerations you must keep in mind before you send your work emails.

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Here are some essential things you must follow before sending the emails at work or from your home office.

Make Your Subject Line Concise:

The subject line of your email should concisely summarize what your email is about. Your subject line should be short and to-the-point. Many email recipients read the subject line to judge the usefulness of the email and decide whether they should ignore it, open it later, or read it immediately.

Therefore, you should make sure that that the subject line clearly states the subject of your email. A long subject line looks unattractive. Your recipient should be able to determine the real subject of your email without opening it.

Be Aware of the Length:

Typically, the body of an email should be concise as well. When you need to type paragraphs upon paragraphs in an email to explain something, you might have to reconsider whether you should really communicate through email or not. In that case, making a phone call would be a better option rather than sending an email.

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There are some situations where you have to send detailed instructions or information through an email that can’t be cut down, but lengthy emails can cause confusion more often and may result in more emails from the recipients asking for explanations. Therefore, keep your emails concise where possible. Otherwise, making a phone call is a better idea.

Consider the Attachment Format and Size:

Before attaching any file to your email, take the time to find its size. Especially if you are sending multiple attachments that are over 500K, make sure to compress them. Multiple attachments could fill up the recipient’s inbox or shut down his server.

If you are sending a PDF file, compress it with the help of SodaPDF to reduce its size before attaching it to an email. If you want to attach photos, compress them to 800-1000 pixels in width before sending them by email. Moreover, if you send your documents in a PDF format, you will never go wrong.

The format of the file you need to send by email should be universal. PDFs can be viewed on almost any operating system and PDF readers are installed on most computers. That is why you should prefer to send your documents in the PDF format so that they have the best chance of being viewed.

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