How to replace your laptop hard drive “with video”

There are generally three major reasons why you’d want to replace your hard drive: your original drive has failed, you need more storage, or you’re after a speed boost.
The video and text tutorial below will guide you on how to replace your laptop hard drive without stress.

Other than drive failure, you need to look closely at the reason why you want to upgrade. While hard drive capacities have grown in recent years, external storage is easier to use, and you can get pocket-sized USB drives with huge capacities.

Newer drives are certainly faster, but most of that speed increase has come from changing from the old IDE interface to the newer SATA. There have also been advances in the speed at which the discs rotates, so it’s possible that by buying a new drive, it will have a higher spindle speed, and therefore be quicker when it comes to reading and writing your data.

Before you contemplate changing your hard drive, you will need to do some preparation work. As laptops generally only have one hard drive, you will need an external drive so that you can back up all of your data. Continue Reading

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