How to install and replace laptop ram (memory) “picture & video tutorial”

 Upgrading your laptop memory is the easiest way to get a real and relatively cheap performance boost.

If you’re struggling along with a system running 1GB or less then dropping in extra memory will help it run a lot more smoothly and finish tasks faster.

The reason is that extra memory helps cut-down unnecessary hard drive access. When Windows runs out of real-memory to store application and system data it has to resort to temporarily using the hard drive.

This takes hundreds of times longer and is a key reason you can end up sat there twiddling your thumbs when switching between tasks.

As we’re going to show you, a laptop memory upgrade can be easy and relatively cheap to do, starting at under £15. Continue Reading How to install and replace laptop ram (memory)

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  1. Rosie Page says

    Now an option has been opened for us and that is we can change the RAM of a laptop externally as per our requirements. It solves one of the huge problems with the laptops. You can get a free tutorial from technical support on how to easily replace Laptop RAM.

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