How to move your contacts from nokia, blackberry & windows phone to your android

With the lunch of cheap android phones like the tecno n7, tecno n3, tecno t1, gionee infinity , gionee pioneer and many other cheap android phones in Nigeria and sub-Saharan Africa.

 Many smart phone users who were largely Nokia Symbian and blackberry users has easily migrated to android which isn’t a difficult choice to make looking at the many possibility with the android os .

The more good thing to hear is that most of these cheap android phones run on the latest version of android os (4.0 ice cream sandwich ) which is the heart base of android phone .

We all know that migrating from one phone to another isn’t the easiest thing to do as they both run different os and have uses different means for transfer .

Sim card would have been the easiest and cheapest means for any average user but the it can not even hold more than 250 contact which makes it imperative to look for achievable , easy methods.

Many users can go through the pains of using Bluetooth or business card messages but that is if only you haven’t got a pc ‘cos you can easily transfer your contacts from a computer running Microsoft windows Operating System with Microsoft Outlook installed .

Now to move your contacts from blackberry, nokia java / nokia symbian , samsung java, sony Ericsson , Tecno chinco, china phones , windows mobile or sagem phones to your android smartphones,

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all you need do is to install broad-comm Bluetooth 3.0 app for laptops with in-built Bluetooth ( in that case you wouldn’t be needing any current phone pc suit) which off course is installed for new laptops else install the pc suit software for your current phone.

(for china search for china pc suit ) and synchronize the contacts with your Microsoft outlook ( for black berry phones you need to install blackberry desktop manager and disable wireless synch from your phone options ) then install android pc suit which can be downloaded from this thread.

Remember for techno / china android you need to either use wireless for connection or download the tecno android phone adb drivers from this thread to use usb connection mode.

From the android pc suit you can synchronize your contacts as well as do other stuff like installing apps , wallpaper etc Continue the discussion on How to move your contacts from nokia, blackberry & windows phone to your android

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