Enable virtual cd autorun for zte modem mtn , glo, airtel & etisalat zte mf180 included

 Recently I got complains from users who happened to flash their modem using dc-unlocker software specially the zte mf180, mf190 and mf100 series that after flashing their zte modem the cd auto-run feature became disabled.

 Meaning they can’t just use their modem on new computer without first looking for the zte connection manager elsewhere.

They have to either install the connection manager from a friend or download from Etisalat site ‘cos most of them are etisalat zte mf180 users when this can be easily achieved using zte at commands line .

Now to disable / enable virtual cd auto-run for you usb modem / dongle download either putty.exe or this version of cracked dc-unlocker

now lunch the dc crap and auto search for your modem after you have chosen zte datacards  from the list as seen here use the blank space below the details to enter the following commands Continue Reading Enable virtual cd autorun for zte modem

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  1. am having a problem with my modem. it prompts modem network card drivers invalid, i need some help please.

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