How to root tecno n3, T1, T3 & many brands of Chinese android phones

 Just helped a friend to root his newly bought tecno T1 android phone yesterday and decided to share the short tips here so as to give every one the room to discuss other working tools you know about .

If you don’t have java jdk already in your system you can download it from this link same for the android sdk which can be downloaded from this link (you must install the java jdk before the android sdk).

Next is to download and install super one click which can easily be downloaded from this link then Enable USB debugging on your Android. On the device by going into the Settings screen, tap Applications, tap Development, and enable the USB debugging check box. Continue Reading How to root your tecno n3 T1 and many brands of android phones

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  • How to root Java tecno phone
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  1. Anonymous says

    thanks but did you experience any problems

  2. Not really just follow this discussion now on this very link to root yours easily

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