15 Best Golf Games For Android

A large part of my life I assumed the game of Golf to be a very easy and classy game. This was due to the fact that Compared to other sports where you had to tackle opponents to reach the goal, the only restriction here is the wind in some cases. Unlike other top sports where the aim was to push the ball into the goal post of your opponent, there is only one goal and there are no physical opponents to prevent you from reaching that goal.  Turns out the game of Golf is more than what I just explained and of course it takes only a player and a true fan to understand this fact.

The fact that you are currently reading this article, is a pointer that you a true fan of Golf and desire to have a game that emulates the real golf experience on your Android device. In this article, we go through a list of best Golf games for Android Devices.

Games generally are engaged for recreation. They help us shed some tension, they help use pass time while waiting for something to happen. The most interesting games in my opinion games are those games that depict our passion. If you love car racing, racing games will appeal to you the most and also if you love playing Golf, golf games will appeal to you the most, they would be the best tool to pass time and shed some stress.  In this article, we provide a list of golf games that emulates golf experience on your Android device.

1. Golf Rival

Golf Games For Android

Can’t play golf? Decided to go digital to understand the rules of playing Golf? Golf Rival may just be the starter you need. Golf Rival is a game that offers a virtual environment for Golf enthusiasts to play golf virtually on their Android devices. In Golf rival, you are provided a virtual club and course. Real-life Golf rules are applied here to make the whole experience super realistic.

You are offered the same conditions you would get in a real golf game. Golf Rival is packed with instructions to help newbies understand the game swiftly.  Apart from being an offline game, Golf Rival also lets you go online and battle with opponents from around the Glob, making the game a little bit more interesting. The game Gold Rival is available on the Google PlayStore for download.

2. Flick Golf Free

Flick Golf Free

Flick Golf offers you a wide range of courses to play golf virtually. If you have high enthusiasm for playing golf, Flick Golf may just the game you need. The only muscle you would be flexing here is the one in your thumbs. You have virtual golf and a virtual golf ball. Here you swing the virtual golf ball with your fingers, in a very seamless motion.

The manner you make the gesture with your finger determines the intensity the virtual golfer hits the golf ball with the golf club. Flick Golf features over 18 courses for your delight. Similar to the Golf Rival game, Flick Golf Free lets you play online.

Playing online, you can compare your scores with players around the world. If you are the ambitious type that likes being on top, seeing scores on the leader board may challenge you to get better at the game, which will, in turn, keep you engrossed and excited. Flick Golf is available in the Google PlayStore for download.

3.  Mini Golf 3D City Stars

Mini Golf 3D City Stars
The Game Mini Golf 3D city stars take the Golf course game to another level. You are presented with an extraordinary type of Golf course. The Golf featured in this game isn’t your regular type of golf course. Hit your Golf ball and the Golf ball is taken through a plethora of unique roads. Mini Golf 3D City Stars has 245 of these unique Golf course.
This is geared towards maximum engagement. As you might have expected, the Golf 3D city game is an arcade game with different stages. Some features come locked on default. Similar to many arcade games we have today, the more you play, the more features are unclocked.
Mini Golf 3D city has a unique multiplayer that makes, also geared towards maximum engagement. You ain’t gonna be bored with this game, it’s an excellent game to pass time as a Golf enthusiast.

4.  Golf Battle

Golf Battle
The developers of the game Golf Battle wants you to play Golf battle in multiplayer mode. If you are in for some serious competition, Golf Battle may just be the Golf game you need on your Android device. You can player Golf battle with your close friends or go online and play with other players around the globe.
The aim here is to race your golf ball to the goal before other opponents do. Golf battle allows a maximum of 6 players per game. Similar to the already mentioned Golf games, you have a plethora of golf courses here. Golf battle offers more than 90 Golf courses to play.

5.  Golf Clash

Golf Clash

Similar to Golf Battle, Golf Clash is another Golf game that is centered on multiplayer games. Golf clash lets you compete online with other top virtual golfers. Unlike the Golf battle, Golf Clash is a two-player game, that supports two players per game.

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Select an opponent and start gaming. Golf Clash features a special opponent picking system, that makes finding an opponent online seamless. Being an arcade game, there is a lot to unlock, these features are unlocked as you advance in levels.  Similar to the games already mentioned in this article, Golf Clash can be downloaded from the Google PlayStore.

6. GolfMasters


Get ready for some mischief and sarcasm. Golf Masters is one of a kind Golf game. Instead of hitting a golf ball, you have a penguin. Penguin is used instead of Golf balls. You are to play the penguins into the Golf course holes. Golf Masters is a fun and interesting game to play.

All the basic rules of Golfing are retained here. Golf Master is an arcade game that lets you unlock new features as you continue playing. You have different courses to game on. Penguins get upgraded as you continue playing. Golf masters can be downloaded from the Google Playstore.

7. Mini Golf King

Mini Golf King

The Mini Golf King game lets you become a world star Golf star without living your home. Of course, you are gonna be a virtual Golf star. Mini Golf King is yet another. This game is designed for the Golfing enthusiasts that want to keep being in touch with the sport when he or she is not in the course.

For the beginner who wants to learn the nitty-gritty of the Golfing game, Mini Golf King is a must-have. As you play the game, you are enlightened on the rules of the game and how to play. Continous play can make the game a bit boring.

Mini Golf King features may courses that give the game a different feeling each time you play. You are not gonna get bored easily. Mini Golf King also lets you compete with players around the world, thanks to its multiplayer function. Mini Golf King can be downloaded from the Google PlayStore.

8. Mini Golf Rivals

Mini Golf Rivals

Still on the topic of best Golf games for your Android device, Mini Golf Rival is yet another highly recommended Golf game for your Android device.  Mini Golf Rival Passes as a sequel of the already mentioned Golf Rival game. Mini Golf Rival follows the trend of Golf games that have a multiplayer feature.

In order to keep you engrossed and prevent you from being bored from playing with the computer, you can challenge opponents across the globe, when you go online. Mini Golf Rivals also lets you communicate with opponents when playing multiplayer games, this spices up gameplay in my opinion.

Playing Golf Rivals daily attracts rewards, you have got to keep playing.  Mini Golf Rivals is available in the Google Playstore for download.

9. Mini Golf Paradise Sport World

Mini Golf Paradise Sport World

Mini Golf Paradise Sport World offers you 90 unique golf courses to play virtual golf. Your golf ball is guided through different passageways, they are not regular golf courses. Apart from the Golf Courses available, you are also at liberty to customize your own golf courses to your own taste.

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You can also share your customized courses with the world. Mini Golf Paradise has multiplayer functionality so that you can compete with players around the world. Mini Golf Paradise is available on the Google PlayStore for downloads.

10. Ok Golf

Ok Golf

A 3D environment, that has near realistic nature elements? Ok Golf may just be what you need. If you have gone through the list of already mentioned golf games, Ok golf may just be your panacea. Its moniker indicates a very intuitive interface for digital golfing.

Ok Golf gives you a natural golfing feeling. Golf balls are set in motion using your thumb. Your golf ball passes through a path that emulates a real-life golf course. You can play either offline or online.

You can play multiplayer games with top digital golfers around the world. Ok Golf is available in the Google PlayStore for a price. Downloading the game Ok Golf you are required to pay a fine of $2.99.

11. Golf Master 3D

Golf Master 3D

As earlier mentioned, the most interesting games are those games that tickle your fancy, games that feature the games you love. Golf master is a game design for the golf enthusiast that desires a digital game to keep up with their hobby.

Golf Master has intuitive controls that make learning seamless. Golf Master has tournaments you can compete to burn time, avoiding boredom. Golf Master features exotic courses that make playing super interesting. These courses have beautiful 3D designs.

Golf Master has a multiplayer mode that lets you play with different players around the world. The Golf Master can be downloaded from the Google PlayStore.

12. SuperStick Golf 3

SuperStick Golf 3

How astute are you are at playing Golf? SuperStick Golf tasks your intelligence. Unlike other virtual golf games, SuperStick golf has a curve course, you have to shoot the golf ball with a well-calculated projectile to hit the golf hole. The SuperStick golf game has 20 of these unique golf courses.

The manufacturers brag with the fact that this game has what it takes to keep playing it for years. well, it’s left for you to ascertain.  Apart from being able to select your choice golf courses, SuperStick also lets you select your character. Something many many fancies, especially those that have favorite golf players.

SuperStick has a multiplayer mode with which you can challenge other top players around the world. SuperStick can be downloaded from the Google Playstore.



WGT GOLF is another highly recommended Golf game for your Android device. It’s one of those Golf games that give virtual golfing a realistic feeling. Set the projectile angle using your Thumb and watch your virtual golfer swing the club, taking the golf ball the direction you desire.

WGT Golf lets you select different courses as well as your choice Golf club. You can invite your friends to play in a multiplayer section. You can also play with different gamers around the world. WGT Golf is available for download in the Google Playstore.

14. PGA Fantasy Golf

PGA Fantasy Golf

PGA Tour Fantasy takes virtual golfing to another dimension. In this game, you build time of 6 professionals. Next, you take these professionals on a tour to test your skills with other golfers around the world in multiplayer mode.

You and your team can earn titles and dominate the leader board. PGA Tour Fantasy is a free game and it’s available in the Google PlayStore for downloads.

15. PGA Tour Golf Shootout

PGA Tour Golf Shootout

Last but certainly lot least, is PGA Golf Tour Shootout, a sequel of the PGA Fantasy Tour sought of. Just like most of the golf games already mentioned in this article, Tour Shootout encourages you to play online in a multiplayer mode. In this multiplayer mode, you can challenge other virtual golfers, earn titles complete challenges.

You can also play this game offline, as it has an offline mode. This game has a plethora of courses you can choose from. PGA Golf Tour Shootout can be downloaded from the Google PlayStore.

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