Best PPSSPP Settings For Smooth Game Play

The PPSSPP emulator is unarguably one of the best emulators for playing console games on Android devices. However, before you can enjoy the awesomeness of this emulator, you are required to have the right and best PPSSPP settings in place. This drill facilitates near smooth gameplay on all supported Android devices, especially the less capable ones.

The Best PPSSPP Settings


In this article on the best PPSSPP settings for smooth gameplay, I will run you through some apt configurations to set in your PPSSPP console, in order to get your preferred, enjoyable gameplay. These configurations are discussed under different headings for clarity.

Best Graphics Settings For PPSSPP

  • Change Back-end from OpenGL to Vulkan
  • Turn the frame skipping off
  • unselect the “Auto-Frameskip” and “Prevent FPS from skipping 60”
  • Set alternative speed to unlimited
  • Enter the graphics performance tab and set rendering resolution to 1x or 2x, depending on the one that runs best on your device
  • enable Lazy texture caching, Hardware transform, Vertex Cache, Software skinning, Mipmapping.

Best PPSSPP Audio Settings

Having distorted audio doesn’t really affect the smoothness of the gameplay, however, playing games with distorted sound effect can be likened to torture to your ears. There isn’t really any setting tweak to fix distorted sounds, however, you can disable the sound to stay focused on your game.

The best Tools Settings

  • Change CPU Core to Dynarec (JIT)
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To get to this setting, simply navigate through Tools > developer tools

The Best System Settings for PPSSPP

  • Ensure fast memory is checked
  • Change timing methods to Fast
  • Make sure “Change Emulated PSP Clock” is left at Auto

Wrapping up:

Having implemented the above PPSSPP configuration settings, I am pretty sure you have successfully lifted the performance of the games played with the PPSSPP emulator on your Android device. However, if you have any questions or other PPSSPP settings recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

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