Top 5 Free/Cheapest Web Hosting Options for Starters

Any student and/or young netpreneur can start out with any of the top 5 free web hosting companies listed below.

They are going to give you the best value for your time until you start making money from the websites and move to something really premium.

Have it in mind that free web hosting companies are only great for starters and never a good environment to entrust your business.

You can always use free hosting companies as a short term plan and never a lasting solution for hosting your business and apps.

1. AtSpace

AtSpace hosting was were I started from back in the days, I have refereed several persons to their free hosting plans too.

Even though I do not strongly recommend their premium plans for best CMS hosting experience, I’d like to say that they are very honest and straight-forward with their platform and pricing scheme.

The ability to upgrade your free web hosting plan from free to premium for a small amount once it starts getting a good traffic is an added advantage that distinguishes them from similar hosting providers.

AtSpace hosting offers 30 days money back guarantee for new clients to let them test their premium servers before deciding to stay or opt-out.

[Click to visit AtSpace homepage]

2. iPage

iPage does not have a free hosting plan but does give insane first year discount for new customers, this will normally give you the chance to build up your business on a great hosting platform for cheap and make enough bucks to renew (for a higher amount) once the discounted 1year plan expires.

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If  you have got few dollars to spare, going for an iPage plan is the best way to start on a good platform and build an online business and/or blog that’s going to be appreciated by your readers and clients alike.

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3. Zymic

Zymic is another great option for free web hosting. The only major down side I found with Zymic servers is that they respond very slowly which isn’t different from what you’ll normally get with other free web hosting options.

Zymic is ads free and uses a decent hosting panel that makes it easy to manage your files, users and applications.

[Click to visit Zymic free hosting page]

4. FreeHostia

FreeHostia promises a free cloud hosting that can’t be gotten elsewhere, with speed, good response rate and a whooping 6GB bandwidth for a free cloud server.

My FreeHostia free hosting experience was awesome while it lasted and so should be given a trial by any starter that’s looking for a free hosting solution that is far superior to what you’ll normally get from some random over-sold free hosting servers around today.

[Click to Visit FreeHostia HomePage]

5. 1and1

Best Free hosting companies1and1 hosting just like iPage is a premium only hosting solution that offers a highly budget-friendly plan for new clients.

With a first year plan at 1and1 hosting, you’ll be spending only about 11$ for a whole year which isn’t really a big investment to spare for your online business success.

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Their hosting platform supports most content management system (CMS) and comes with auto-application installer for WordPress and Joomla.

[Click to visit 1and1 homepage]

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