Adding the perfect robots.txt to a wordpress blog


Basic tutorial on How to add robots.txt to a wordpress blog or website without using any plugin
WordPress is now one of the most popular cms solution out there majority of blogs and website out there uses it. It is particularly a very seo-friendly platform which you can use to achieve big result any time any day, here is a quick tips on how you can easily add better robots.txt configuration / settings to your wp-powered cms website or blog.

Adding robots.txt settings to a wordpress blog / website
This is one of the most ignored part by majority of wp users who just placed their hope on the fact that wordpress is a near-perfect cms solution that deals with search engine friendly metrics and as such do not need any form of SEO tweaks to serve better.

This was the kinda mentality I nurtured initially when I started out on the wp platform till I stumbled on the robots.txt settings of the old which elevated my personal curiosity for a perfect wordpress robots.txt settings.

After searching till now 2013 I realized there is no such thing as perfect robots.txt configuration for any website at all irrespective of the platform it is built on since each website needs be configured individually based on how we want them indexed by search engines. Adding a working robots.txt to any blog / websitePublish Post including those on the wordpress platform will greatly improve the site’s performance on any popular search engine out there since you will be instructing the search engines on how to index the blog / website, If you ask for my opinion on this I will authoritatively explain this as one of those wordpress seo performance tweaks out there you wouldn’t want to miss.

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How to add robots.txt settings / configuration to a wordpress blog / website :
This is dead easy for any one to implement doesn’t matter if you are a newbie wordpress user or pr0-wp user all you need do is this;

open a blank notepad
copy and paste this simple robots.txt configuration to it bearing in mind that each site must be configured individually based on how you want them indexed in search engines

here is the text configs to be copied for a wordpress blog

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