Top 3 Best Audio Gadgets for Music Bloggers

Music bloggers needs the best audio gadgets possible to have an amazing blogging career, even as a tech blogger, I can close my eyes and count like five (5) good audio gadgets that are readily accessible to me.

To do better as an entertainment, fashion and/or music blogger, you need to read through our list of top 3 best audio gadgets for bloggers.

1. Samsung Level On Wireless

Do you
need a solid boost in audio quality while jamming your mobile tunes?
Samsung’s Level On Wireless headphones are amazing for any genre of

They are well built and designed for optimal comfort as
they are surprisingly comfy for long sessions. The ear cushions are
soft, the padded headband inside keeps a secure fit, and the exterior
plastic body is completely smooth, featuring chrome accents around the
ear pieces – enhancing the overall sleek design of the headphones.

with the Level On Wireless headphones you gain a variety of intuitive
controls that allow you to manage your audio without your mobile
device.Samsung may not be the first name you associate with headphones,
but with the new wireless feature, it is now a must-have for listening

2. UE Roll

A small ‘pint-sized’ speaker launched to
replace the Mini Boom in the product lineup, does not disappoint! UE
Roll pumps loud, beautiful, unapologetically awesome sound that weaves
through the air with a deep bass that bursts out incredible beats.

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UE Roll is perfectly comfortable playing music inside, it has been
designed to withstand the rigors of the outdoors. It features the
spacious 360-degree sound, Bluetooth smart remote and you can double up
to pair with another boom speaker.

Also, combined with the tough
silicone body which protects and covers the auxiliary and USB ports, the
UE Roll is IPX7 waterproof for splashing, dunking, and immersing and
the slim, rugged saucer shape, heavy-duty bungee cord helps to make this
speaker portable and easy to hang or mount.

Sonos Play:1

sound, reasonably affordable and a design that fits snugly almost
anywhere, Sonos Play:1 is one of the most functional wireless multi-room
speaker launched this year.

The sound quality is excellent in
view of the size and gets even better when paired with a second Play:1
for true stereo playback.

Setting it up is nice and straightforward, the
speakers latch onto your WiFi without any support and for homes with
particularly frustrating WiFi coverage, Sonos has launched a separate
accessory called ‘the Boost’, which offers “enterprise-grade wireless
capabilities” to stretch that signal right through the house.

if you have heard all about music-streaming speakers and do not know
where to start, an excellent place would be the Sonos Play:1.

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