Adding the perfect robots.txt to a wordpress blog

 Basic tutorial on How to add robots.txt to a wordpress blog or website without using any plugin WordPress is now one of the most popular cms solution out there majority of blogs and website out there uses it. It is particularly a very seo-friendly platform which you can use to achieve big result any time any day, here is a quick tips on how you can easily add better robots.txt Read On

Tips to insert Mobile Ads in Mobilepress

 Basic guide to Inserting Mobile Advert Unit in mobilepress / Responsive WordPress themes Powered blog or website is a tip I was moved to share after getting many a few request from our steady readers who accesses this blog via android, Iphone, nokia, blackberry, basic smartphones and other Mobile Devices. This is 2013 responsive design is the way to go which actually motivated me to Read On

How to customize Enterprise Child Theme on genesis frame work

editing enterprise child theme on genesisGetting your Enterprise child theme to work   1. Install wp-circle  The initial image slider seen on the very top left of your child  theme , built around the text is based on the wp-circle plugin which you can easily download various variation of the plugin by making a search on wordpress plugin directory for wp-circle . Read On

easily install older version of smf mod in smf 2.0.4

This post is majorly for users who just upgraded to the latest Simple machines forum (smf) version 2.0.3 and having any kind of difficulties installing older version of smf modifications ( smf mod) like smf mod made for version 2.0.1 , 2.0.2 , 2.0 etc .If you haven't upgraded to the latest version of smf , it is recommended you do so immediately to correct some security  flaws in smf Read On

How to Easily replace the smf theme default search with google custom search

Using google custom search /adsense shouldn't be a headache for newbies as there is already a mod for this all you need do is download the mod from here same for removing help from menu you can just download the remove help from menu mod here, except you wanna do some little customization yourself which is just as easy as installing new mod .Now to manually remove help and search from smf Read On

Download highly edited script for mobile site, download portal, chat community or discussion board

I came up with this tutorial after many users have been on my neck since replying to a thread on nairaland , such that my email subjects reads " the very script is using" , free "design of a site like" , 'how to create a site like' , 'guide on how to design a site like and etc.So I want to guide you on how to create a good wap / Read On

Easily Identify The Cms or script any website is using – simple trick

 This is necessary if you are viewing a particular website you love the layout and the theme but could't find out the particle cms the owner used in designing them 'cos they might remove those credit link as part of their choice can use this short cut [code]ctrl+u[/code] to display the source code from there try finding script and css directory you might as well look for the name Read On