4 Nigerian Blogs to Learn Business & Internet Marketing Tips

In a country where bloggers hardly focus on a particular niche, it is very difficult to find a single honest blogger in the “make money online niche” doing 100% legal stuff without getting distracted by short cuts and quick scheme syndrome.

The 4 bloggers below has done their very best to separate professionalism from mediocrity and laziness, writing only tips that are top-notch and proven to stand the test of time.

You can hardly go wrong subscribing to their list or following their updates on facebook, twitter, youtube and/or other social media channels.

1.   bizsuccessguide.com

Efoghor Joseph Ezie of bizsuccessguide.com is a no-nonsense blogger that shares valuable tips for start-ups, small business loan, internet marketing, blogging and social media strategy for small business.

He is hands-down the best in his niche considering how much he’s imparted into the Nigerian Bloggersphere with his badass tips and top-notched contents on internet marketing and make money from home.

There’s more to learn from Joseph’s blog either by reading his old contents or by following his updates on social media.

2. mmo.ng

Adesoji Adegbulu of Make Money Online Nigeria (mmo.ng) is a very popular Nigerian blogger and one that has maintained honesty and credibility against all odds.

He’s no mean name as long as Blogging in Nigeria is concerned, a known promoter of reliable contents and readable tips on how to make money online as a Nigerian.

The Key SEO Mistakes That You Must Avoid

He isn’t going to spam you with gurus secret and all that, for sure! There’s more to learn from his blog, social media channels and by subscribing to his feeds.

3. legalwealthcreation.com

Legalwealthcreation.com is owned by Presegs Adesida, he isn’t the regular kind of blogger and so, might piss you off with his aggressive marketing strategies!D;

Oh! Yeah, He’s a business man first, before a blogger and knows his onions as long as make money online is concerned. He is a badass paypal guru and an internet marketing expert.

He shares top-notch marketing secret, paypal account protection secrets and how to deal with foreign clients as a Nigerian. He also owns other blogs to his credit including ijamsolution.com; where he does his paypal consultation services.

4. earnonlineng.com

Dayo Odunukan of earnonlineng.com may not sound so popular to you, but he’s one person that knows what he’s doing in the Nigerian Bloggersphere.

His writing style is apt, straight to the point and void of ambiguity, there’s more to learn from his blog on how to make money from home as a Nigerian

You can visit, bookmark his blog, follow his updates on social media as well as subscribe to his feeds.

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  1. Thanks for the mention bro. You rock!

  2. I appreciate this mention bro…more wisdom for you, Thanks

  3. Thanks for dropping by bro, you've done really nice tut with your blog

  4. Hi bro,

    Your blog rocks better! Keep up the good work

  5. Hi bro,

    Your blog rocks better! Keep up the good work

  6. Thanks for dropping by bro, you’ve done really nice tut with your blog

  7. Ivan Y says

    Most of the Nigerians I know are telling me I inherited millions of dollars. It’s good to see there are real bloggers out there.

    • Scamming isn’t a vice peculiar to Nigerians alone, a lot of persons with low moral values engage in Internet scams.

      It’s great you find the list useful, thanks for dropping by

  8. kamoru says

    This is wonderful blog , keep it up.

  9. Julius says

    Great list, but how come I didn’t see Entorm, Wealthresult, and startuptipsdaily on the list? These three blogs are also topping the list of Nigerian business blogs.

  10. Victor says

    This is one of the best business websites I’ve seen…. Good job guys!

    Setuphub.com.ng is another amazing business blog you might want to include on the list.

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