VPSFast is Scam: My Latest Review of VPSFast.net Services

As it is with me, writing reviews for services that worked or never worked for me has become a hobby and would continue to be so for a long time. There’s a positive review of Namesilo here and a negative one for AddMoreTraffic here. Today’s own is about VPSFast.net, who has turned rogue and become a conduit pipe to siphon money from unsuspecting victims.

Before I dive in to this short review of VPSFast.net services, I’ll like to say a thing or two about their services, business model, and their company overview.

VPSFast.net Company Overview

VPSfast services review

VPSFast.net is a rogue VPS hosting company that’s located in Sao Paulo, Brazil. They’ve been around for more than 2 years and promises to be able to provide VPS in multiple locations worldwide.

The prices displayed in their homepage is very low and mostly unrealistic. Their US VPS pricing starts from $4, while that of other location is $8 minimum.

Features Advertised/Promised

  • Multiple Locations and Fast VPS Provision.
  • 99% SLA guaranteed and 24/7 Technical Support.
  • Full root access via RDP/SSH and VNC.
  • rDNS / PTR Resource Record and 7 days Money-Back Guarantee.
  • KVM Virtualization and SolusVM Control Panel.
  • Free IPv6 in most locations and Free DDoS Protection in Atlanta, Buffalo, Chicago, Dallas, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Miami, New Jersey, Phoenix, Seattle, South Africa, Singapore, Amsterdam, France, Canada, Sydney, and Ashburn.
  • Powerful Intel Xeon CPUs, Enterprise Level Hard Drives, ECC RAM, and 1 Gbps Port Speed.
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My Review of VPSFast (Dot Net) Services

VPSfast.net review 2018

For insanely cheap VPS servers, I normally opt for these VPS SSD services (top 7 in the list). But for servers in Africa and Middle east, I scramble around for cheap and best offers around. At a time, I had a friend get me a VPS server from VPSFast.net which was how I came to know about them.

My latest transaction with VPSfast.net happened on the 17th of this month (September, 2018). I realized they have taken away the Paypal payment method and decided to search around for recent reviews.

Reviews like this, this, and this came up, but I still went ahead to see if mine could be any different. I only realized that mine was going to be worst after completing the payment without getting any VPS setup nor a response to my multiple tickets.

Worst still, I made the payment with Bitcoin via CoinPayments which means – there’s no way to get a refund or even open a charge-back request like it’s done with Paypal. With this, I can boldly say that VPSFast.net is a rogue company that’s never going to give you what you pay for.

Even though it does look like a few number of persons has been provisioned with servers in the past, it means that- they selectively deliver services and as such must be avoided at all cost.

Have you had a positive or negative with VPSFast.net? Please do share with us in comments below.

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