The Popular Money Making Apps for Smartphones [Infographic]

How did the concept of money-making through mobile apps come to being? Well, it must have been from the time developers came across the idea of App Store Optimization. Everyone wants to make money off their ideas: who wouldn't? The incredible thing about this is that one thing has led to the other. And for you to be a beneficiary of this new money making task you will need a smartphone that can Read On

4 Nigerian Blogs to Learn Business & Internet Marketing Tips

In a country where bloggers hardly focus on a particular niche, it is very difficult to find a single honest blogger in the "make money online niche" doing 100% legal stuff without getting distracted by short cuts and quick scheme syndrome.The 4 bloggers below has done their very best to separate professionalism from mediocrity and laziness, writing only tips that are top-notch and proven to Read On

How to Make Big Money From your blog Doing Paid Review

This is one of my old post when I was still a young tech blogger, it gives you insight into sites that are willing to pay you big for doing honest review of their products and services. Below is the excerpt of the post;Here’s 4 great sites to sign up at to get paid to review products and services: www.socialspark.comRegister as soon Read On

Top 20 Websites to Make Money Online by Writing Articles

If like me you have found it rather boring to use pay per click services like Google Adsense, abstract, bidvertiser and the likes, then I'm providing you with alternatives.Below are the top 20 websites that will pay you for submitting articles, writing a product review or promoting advertiser's link in your blog. It's quite simple, all you'd need to do is to read on and start cashing your Read On

9 proven ways to Make Money Online this Year

 1. Amazon Mechanical Turk Amazon is primarily known as a huge e-commerce website, but a less known feature is its outsourcing marketplace. Mechanical Turk is a place where people place up short jobs for people to complete. You may write an article for one contractor, and make image descriptions for another. Most jobs pay less than $1, but they usually take less than a minute to complete. 2. Read On