WhatsApp Gets New Update, Users Can Now Share Documents

It’s no news that world’s most popular instant messaging app was
recently acquired by Facebook in a deal that seem more like a
collaboration aimed aimed at taking communication among humans via the
internet to the next level giving that Facebook is also one of world’s
most popular social networking website with up to a billion users around
the world.

Since the acquisition of WhatsApp by Facebook, it is interesting to note
how we have seen some updates for the instant messaging app lately.

Only about a month ago, Facebook rolled out an update for WhatsApp
which made it possible for group administrators to add up to 256 members
in a group.

This is against the previous version of WhatsApp that only
allowed 100 members per group. Well, WhatsApp has just gotten another update which adds in the ability to share documents.

For now, users who update to version 2.12.453 for Android and 2.12.14
on iOS will see another sharing option that allows them to share
documents with their contacts or to a group.

For those using an Android device, the new option appears upon
clicking the attach icon where there is now a ‘Document’ icon instead of
a ‘Video’ icon. Tapping on the same will show you all the locally
stored documents on your device, where you can select and send the same.

On iOS, tapping on the ‘Upload’ icon will now show a ‘Share Document’
option among others that will allow you to share documents from other
third-party apps (mainly online storage) which is similar to what was
revealed in the last update for photo and video sharing.

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For now, some users are complaining they could only share PDF files
but since this is a server side update we expect all issues to be
resolved ASAP.

So what are you waiting for?

Try it out and tell us how
well you liked the new document sharing feature on WhatsApp.

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