Sponsored Reviews, Advertorials & Promotional Post – any room for it?

3rd Planet Techies is focused more on dishing out quality contents that will benefit our readers than feeding bots with links and /or improving your website SERP and ranking.

We understand that – you need a decent authority for your domain and pages, but that shouldn’t be done at the expense of quality, trust and professionalism.

We decided to make this post public in order to scare aware some SEO link builders that are bent on sacrificing quality contents for junks, spam and links.

We get to reject loads of this almost on a daily basis, the most annoying of this category is the ones that sends in junk review and useless contents in order to get link to their client’s website and all that.

This guide is to help you figure the kind of post we can accept as a sponsored review, sponsored post, promotional content and /or advertorial.

Sponsored Reviews

Sponsored Reviews to us means – introducing a software, service, game, app and /or any other products to one of our editors to:

Take a look at
Download or get a full working version
Use and
Introduce same to our readers, giving a honest review and opinion about it.

If you want us to publish a product review that is written by you, it is expected of you to allow us include somewhere in the post that this content was researched, written or submitted by someone else, this will let our readers know when they are reading a review from someone else and when it is an opinion shared by us.

Types of Sponsored Reviews we Accept

How To Turn Off PS4 Controller On PC

1. Digital Products

We can review digital products of any kind, share our honest opinion and publish to our readers without the intention of providing feedback to developers or promoting our interest/fancy.

Digital products such as software, eBooks, templates, graphic packages, apps, games, services, web hosting and sundry are accepted for a review – if we can have access to them to at least see the full features and how useful or useless it will be to our tech audience.

2. Hand’s-On Reviews

Example of a hand’s-on review is the one we published recently about Casio fx-991MS Scientific Calculator.

Hand’s-on reviews are usually done with products we purchase or received from authorized dealers to unbox, feel, use and write a review about them.

This includes mostly – electronic gadgets, computer hardware, electronic appliances, phone accessories, computer accessories (such as flash drive, pen drive, sd card, ROM drives and etc.) tools and equipments.

Ones any item is shipped and received by our editors, we acknowledge and make a review about same at our earliest convenience.


Other Products we Can Consider for a Hands-on Review
https://www.3ptechies.com and http://www.ewtnet.com is strictly tech and can publish only products that falls into the categories stated above.

https://www.obasimvilla.com (Obasi Miracle Villa) on the other hand, can publish hands-on reviews on virtually any product as long as it is not illegal or having some sort of restriction.

This can be fashion, wears, jewelries, fancy stuff and every other thing that people finds valuable and /or truly awesome. We know how to add the tech factor to it – It is my personal tech diary anyway.

3 Steps to Get Back Lost Data with EaseUS Data Recovery Software

How to send in your Product for a hands-on review
This is the easiest part, once you have concluded on having your product received and reviewed by me or any of our editors, just head on to our contact page or send in a contact request via this form.

Advertorials and Promotional Contents

We accept sponsored post and prefers writing them ourselves to publishing some junks in the name of promotional contents.

We reject stupid links and frown at links leading to malicious websites and /or websites with pop-ups, adware and malware.

We’re not interesting in your post if the max budget is less than $60, that is the least we can charge for a promotional post of any sort.

The links you are promoting should be in line with Google’s updated guide and best practices for selling links. The duration for the link should be spelled out in your first email.

We will never accept junks and bizarre post irrespective of the amount you are bidding for it – Instead, ask us to make a decent post for you or sponsor one of our existing articles.

Banners and Sidebar Links

Following Google’s webmaster’s guide, these links are expected to be nofollow. We strictly comply to this rules, you can purchase any space for banner, sidebar link and sundry.

How to Get in Touch?

To get in touch with us, you can make use of the contact form here, or send an email to any of the addresses below –


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