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000webhost review 2018

In the current digital era, having a professional website is crucial for every business owner as it is the easiest way to engage with existing and potential customers.

While most business owners see the value of producing amazing content and offering great user-interface, the value of choosing a reliable web host often takes a back seat.

As we observed, majorly newbies and startups end-up making the wrong choice, due to not correctly evaluating the present and future needs of their websites.

If you’re planning to begin your online journey but are unsure on how to pick a reliable cheap web host then read this review until the end.

Today, we are going to review a promising zero cost hosting company which has earned a lot of value and trust in a short period of time. We are talking about 000webhost.com the provider of free web hosting services.

Our attempt will be – on giving you a fair and unbiased in-depth 000webhost review.

Is 000webhost Really Free?

Surely, this will be the first question to pop in your head. Let us tell you 000webhost offers entirely free web hosting. Currently, it is the market leader in providing decent free web hosting services.

Unlike other so-called free web hosting companies, it does not compel you to run annoying ads on your site. The biggest proof of that lies in their successful 10-year journey in the industry and millions of happy clients worldwide.

Even their official website, 000website.com says you can sign up for free hosting services without any need for credit card.

Let’s find out what this free web host offers-

000webhost features

You will be surprised to know that 000webhost offers a lot of stuff at zero cost.


  • 10,000 MB of bandwidth limit
  • 1000 MB disk space
  • Free domain name
  • Free auto installer for WordPress and Joomla and many other scripts
  • A vibrant website builder
  • Free Cpanel control
  • Instant account verification without any charges

What else would one ask for?

It would not be wrong to say, 000webhost can give industry’s top hosting providers run for their money. Until you’re running a big website you need not upgrade to premium plan as these features are adequate to run any kind of first blog or company website.

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As we can see, the company is offering 1000 MB disk space that seems quite a lot, especially when you’re not spending even a single buck.

Top Features of 000webhost

Here are few among the many good features of 000webhost that makes it an outstanding option for free website hosting. We limited our pick to what we found awesome and think will be interested to those seeking an honest 000webhost review.

Single Click Website Installer

000webhost is the first free web hosting company in the industry that gave people access to the auto-installer. This feature has been designed to make installing procedure hassle-free.

Whether you want to create your site on WordPress, Drupal or any other popular platform, 000webhost gives you a single-click installer for any of your favorite platforms.

Using this feature, you need not install a website building platform manually. Moreover, in comparison to a manual procedure, it takes a lot less time. In few minutes, you can transform your site into a useful resource for the audiences.

Note- 000webhost gives you options to install over 50 popular scripts and CMS.

Website Builder

Today, almost every web hosting company is offering some sort of free website building tools. So, what is so special about 000webhost?

000webhost website builder is equipped with the latest drag-and-drop feature. In just 3 steps, you can build a fully functional website without any coding knowledge. You just need to pick a theme, (out of hundreds of options), add content, and hit ‘publish’.

Besides this, you can use different ‘add-ons’ such as vote polls, photo galleries, publishing systems, etc. to add more life to your site.


An uptime is the measure of time your site is available to your audience. In the absence of constant uptime, you can lose your business.

99.9% uptime is industry standard and less than this may impact your brand reputation badly. Speaking of 000webhost, it offers 99.9% uptime even on its free plan. It is probably the only company which offers such uptime in the free plan.

Even industry’s top-rated paid hosting companies fail to keep up this uptime. You can check out the live uptime status of 000webhost here. It should display results like this-

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000webhost uptime review

Later on, you may use Uptime Robot tool to track uptime of your site. This free tool monitors website uptime every 5 minutes.

Customer Support

On time customer support becomes more important especially when you are a newbie as a technical issue may emerge anytime. Luckily, 000webhost offers forum support which is available 24/7.

If you run into any issue you can use the forum to get a quick response. Although Live chat and Phone Support is only limited to premium customers, yet forum support is capable enough to take you out of any kind of technical or non-technical issues.

MySQL and PHP Support

There are many free web hosts which do not have support for MySQL and PHP.

One of the biggest advantages of choosing 000webhost is that you can run MySQL and PHP from a free account holder without any restriction. Apart from them, it supports a number of other scripts as well.

Free Control Panel

000webhost is one of the fewest cheap web hosts that provides Cpanel. With its help, you can manage your website in its entirety and get access to many features.

Cpanel allows you to take backups of your database and website. Moreover, you can also manage email, FTP accounts and backup creation straight from Cpanel.

Should You Use 000webhost?

Started in 2017, 000webhost is a great host for beginners and those who are running a small business. The company can serve the purpose of all those people who are in search of a free web host for their initial blogs and sites.

So, if you want to test out your blog or website with 000webhost, look no further. We can say, the company is an undisputed champion in the free web hosting industry.

On the whole, you can give 000webhost a try.

External Review Declaration: This 000webhost review content is submitted by Deja, who is an avid reader of our tech blog and thinks that the services provided by 000webhost is awesome, top-notched and worthy of a recommendation.

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