MoboMarket – All Set to be the best alternative to the Google Play Store?

Since the Android Operating System (OS) is one of the productions of Google, each mobile handset with the Android OS comes with its default marketplace known as the Play Store. Google Play Store is a collection of huge number of amazing free and paid applications and games that can be downloaded by users. However, this store allows a very few applications in its store out of the hundred thousands of apps developed by developers worldwide. Thus, the users are kept away from a much larger database of apps that can be useful to many.

This is when the third-party marketplaces come into the picture. MoboMarket, a similar marketplace developed by is a perfect alternative to the Google Play Store. After closely analyzing the loopholes and missing factors within the default Android store, MoboMarket offers its users with an ocean of outstanding applications and games for free download.

MoboMarket was developed with an inception to provide flexible business possibilities to developers worldwide. The store offers app creators worldwide to publish their masterpiece on MoboMarket who then takes care of all your apps. The smart search features of this marketplace then delivers highest quality users to your applications thus maximizing your app revenue potential.

This month, MoboRobo is completing its successful 2-year anniversary. Over these two years, MoboMarket got a huge response from developers and users all over the globe. Today, this marketplace boasts of 100 million users worldwide, 40 million daily distribution and over 5 million daily active users. To commensurate this success, MoboRobo is announcing the release of MoboMarket version 3.0.

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The new version of MoboMarket is loaded with some of the most outstanding features that will make this store all the more user friendly and amazing. One of the most sought after functionalities of this newer version is its Geo-location and content pushing systems. This feature will help all the users to get their hands on relevant apps based on their geographic location. Thus, the users will soon be blessed with amazing events, offers, discounts, etc. nearby their location.

Along with an upgraded functionality, the store will also be redesigned and will be getting a brand new user friendly interface. With a huge database of apps listed under the store, comes in the necessity of categorized and well organized marketplace. Thus, MoboMarket provides you with a well categorized games and apps according to their genre which makes it all the more easier to search apps. More to it, the store also provides you with a dynamic search system where you can search your apps and games based on keywords.

Today, very few people are aware of other Android application marketplaces other than the Google Play Store. This unawareness thus keeps them away from a huge number of outstanding applications that are unavailable in the play store. MoboMarket however is one of the most popular marketplaces for app downloads and is widely used in North America, South East Asia, Middle East, and North Africa.

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Soon, people will realize the huge potentials of MoboMarket thus making is one of the most used and preferred Android app download stores over the Google Play Store.
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