Where to buy a Working blackberry phone for N3000 $29

I decided to post this after many users have been requesting to know if such sites exist  where they can actually buy used %100 percent blackberry phones for such a crazily cheap amount .

At first I was puzzled and could only discourage the first two persons telling them that blackberry on it’s own is a dead os and wouldn’t serve any poo as a beauty device , I also adviced them to get a low end cheap android device instead .

But as this request begin to grow up till the point a user pointed out naijaloaded.com (which I know they are real) advertising the ebook telling it’s possible to purchase working blackberry phone for N5000 and selling it for N15,000

I now made a simple google search and saw some blog advertising an ebook that teaches people how to buy %100 (hundred percent) working blackberry phones for N3000 ($29) and sell them for N8000 ($68) I was shocked and decided to contact one of those bloggers who was actually my friend and he sent a link free of charge , so I decided to share it after making a successful purchase up there .

now you can easily buy phones of any brand for a crazily cheap amount from  Continue Reading

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