Placing more than 4 different ads in same horizontal line and width

Trick to place more than 4 different ads from same / seperate Networks to appear in same horizontal line & width in blogger , wordpress , joomla , smf , etc

The image above should give you the idea of what we are tryna archive here …
supposing you wanna have let’s say google adsense format of 336*280  (x2) or 300*250 (x2) display right under post title or after post content you will be needing this .

The example above shows and ads displaying in same horizontal line and equal heights too .. Achieving this is as easy as abc provided you have gone through our previous post on best ads placement practices ‘cos this is only a continuation of that post .

For / blog

(a) Follow all the needed steps in our previous post here to convert each of your individual ads and paste them differently each on a separate notepad text editor or (b) leave them unconverted if you wanna use convert them at once option below

Next you need now use the table code below to make your ads display along horizontal line like what you see in the blog footer area

for option (b)


<td>Your adverts 1 code here </td>

<td>Your adverts 2 code here</td> 


 Just multiply the “<td>Your adverts 1 code here </td>” line to as many ads you have created if you plan using more than two, if not just replace this lines “Your adverts 1 code here ” ” your advert 2 code here” with your JavaScript / html … then use the tools  here to  convert the entire tables to blogger supported format then add it immediately above :

to have it display above your contents after title or immediately  below

 to have it display after your content just before comments 

for option (a)

Use the table code below :


&lt;td&gt;Your converted adverts 1 code here &lt;/td&gt;

&lt;td&gt;Your converted adverts 2 code here&lt;/td&gt;

 repeat the step above for the placement .

For wordpress, sms , joomla , smf , custom coded / Dreamweaver sites

Just follow the previous post here for tips

N/b for any other blogging platform or site you need not convert any code just use them the way you copied them from your ads services provider

Source : Best Tech Blog 

lost any steps ? leave a comment

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