How to Create a Guest Account in Android Lollipop and Marshmallow Devices

Android Lollipop and Marshmallow Smart Phone and Devices makes it possible to share your Android devices with other users (such as wife, girlfriend, siblings) temporally with some restrictions (guest user mode) or for an extended period without restrictions (multiple users mode).This feature has been in use for Android tablet users with Jelly Bean 4.3. Most Android phones and devices with Read On

How to Convert Videos, Media files To ASCII Format Using VLC Media Player

In today's world of smart phones and monster personal digital assistance (PDA), videos and rich media files has become part of our day to day activities.I'll like to share a tutorial on how to convert videos and rich media files to ASCII format using VLC - my favorite media player.VLC, already known as a video player with lots of tweak and tricks. While you definitely would be aware about Read On

Placing more than 4 different ads in same horizontal line and width

Trick to place more than 4 different ads from same / seperate Networks to appear in same horizontal line & width in blogger , wordpress , joomla , smf , etcThe image above should give you the idea of what we are tryna archive here ... supposing you wanna have let's say google adsense format of 336*280  (x2) or 300*250 (x2) display right under post title or after post content you Read On

Easily Identify The Cms or script any website is using – simple trick

 This is necessary if you are viewing a particular website you love the layout and the theme but could't find out the particle cms the owner used in designing them 'cos they might remove those credit link as part of their choice can use this short cut [code]ctrl+u[/code] to display the source code from there try finding script and css directory you might as well look for the name Read On

When Your Laptop Reports “Plugged in Not Charging” Solved

 this my long list of journal and jotting some were shared with me other i did as a technician.Normally when your laptop notification bar displays something like "plugged in not charging" there are certain things you need to do confirm firstly that the problem is not coming from your end.First you need remove the battery clean the metallic surface with  brush and insert it back Read On