Top Best Methods to Track a Lost Phone in 2018

how to Track a lost or stolen phone in 2018Modern society considers the loss of a cell phone as a major calamity. The consequences are unpredictable.

You can easily become a victim of blackmail as someone gets all financial data, personal information, pictures and contacts (that aren’t hidden) from your device.

Moreover, they can use the data to cheat and withdraw the money from your credit card. At the same time, if you are lucky enough, and a thief is not going to use personal information against you, there is another problem.

You still need the data from your cell phone. But who knows, maybe you just misplaced the device, and everything is ok?

Some people are so worried about the cell phone losing that they suffer nomophobia, a pertinent fear of losing a mobile device. Luckily, developers found a solid solution.

We can’t give you pieces of advice on how not to lose your device, but we’ll show you several ways to locate it even without any previous measures.

Tracking Lost Android Devices

The most proper methods depend on your mobile operating system. For example, there are different solutions for iPhone, Windows phones or Android. The last one is known for a wide spectrum of methods to track the cell phone.

  • Google service: In our opinion, “Find My Device” is the most convenient way to track a smartphone as there is no need to download third-party applications. It is built-in into your Android service associated with a Google account.
  • Android Device Manager (ADM): This great feature helps you to locate your tablet or phone if it gets lost or stolen. As a rule, it is enabled by default. Furthermore, you have to make sure that there is a mark next to the checkbox. After that, your device will be associated with your account. In case of device’s disappearing, head to ADM on your PC. The feature automatically tracks your phone and shows you its exact location. To remove all personal data, you should ring the phone. Before you get rid of the information, be sure that your mobile device has been stolen, not just misplaced. Besides, use the button “Erase” to secure your private data as well.
  • Google Maps: When it comes to searching for the lost mobile device, the location history might be convenient. It is enabled by default. You can visit Google Maps on your computer and see your device’s location history. For instance; if your phone disappeared 5 days ago, you can use Google Maps to show its location over this period. Each site is painted with a red dot while its movement is marked by a red line.
  • Third-party apps: There are many applications – you might install to help in finding the lost device. For example, many Android security apps (such as lookout security) offer features that allows you to track, lock, and remove all the data remotely. You can download Lost Android App, Lookout Security & Antivirus, McAfee Security, Avast Mobile Security, AhnLab V3 Mobile Security, Norton Security, kaspersky anti-theft and etc.
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how to track a stolen phone

Moreover, some applications might be installed remotely. For example, try Cerberus Anti-theft. It assists you in getting information about your cell phone’s location. Or download Lost Android App that can be installed remotely to your cell phone as well. After completing registration, select “View on map.” Wait until your device’s location appears on the screen map.

  • IMEI Number:  Each phone has its unique code called IMEI number. Find out this number in advance. Dial *#06# on the mobile phone and jot down the IMEI number displayed on the phone screen. If you can’t find your device, inform your service provider that it has been stolen. Give them IMEI number and follow provider’s instructions. Even if the person who possesses your device switches it off or changes SIM card, it can be easily tracked through the IMEI number. Also, it’s possible to block it remotely so that the thief can no longer use your device.

Searching for a Lost iPhone?

Apple’s feature is the most natural way to look for your missing iPhone. To use it, just log into iCloud and tap “Find my iPhone.” It displays your lost device on a map.

Therefore, it is easy to locate and manage it. There are some options available due to this feature. For example, you can ring on your phone or remove its contents.

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“Find my iPhone” is a beneficial tool when you are tracking down lost or stolen iOS devices. Many options are available without additional configurations. However, the features don’t work when the cell phone is switched off and has no Internet connection.

How to Track a Lost/Stolen Windows Phone

how to track a lost windows phoneAll you have to do to find your lost smartphone is to visit Microsoft page where you’ll see all your devices and their locations.

It is possible to lock your smartphone remotely or wipe devices you consider to be in the wrong hands. If you’ve misplaced the device, you also may easily recover it through the built-in service, and the phone will ring remotely.

There is no need for additional configuration. However, integrated option works if your tablet or phone is powered and has the Internet connection.

If you’ve lost your mobile device, don’t panic. First, call and listen. Maybe you’ve just misplaced your treasured smartphone. If not, use smart features and applications.

Wrap Up:

All the major providers use retrieval technology and work through the account that is associated with your mobile device.

Log in to your Google account if your Android device has disappeared. Choose the iCloud account for Apple devices and Microsoft account for Windows phones.

Such options allow users to lock and clear their cell phones in the remote mode, in case it has come into someone’s hands.

However, there are plenty of secure applications with extended features. Watch out for malicious software and download apps only through the official marketplaces.

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