recover stolen phone methodsThis is an interesting article written by a friend. Two months back, my friend’s mobile is stolen by someone.

He lost his Nokia N8.  He didn’t know the IMEI number, the mobile is untraceable.  So i am here to share the information about the IMEI.

What is IMEI Number?

IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity Number. It is 15 digit unique number of Cell Phone.

Usually the IMEI is number printed in the battery compartment.  You can display the IMEI number by pressing *#06# in your Mobile phone.


What is the use of IMEI Number?

IMEI number is identify the Mobile Device. It is used to deny the access of stolen mobile from accessing the Mobile services of a country. Using IMEI number we can trace the location of Mobile.

Equipment Identity Register(EIR)

When a phone is switched on, the IMEI number is transmitted and checked against a database in the network’s EIR.  The EIR has three categories namely the “white lists”, “grey lists” and “black lists”. if the IMEI number is in blacklist, the mobile can not use the mobile service.

Stolen Mobile

Block the Mobile
When mobile is stolen, you can block the mobile from being used by thief using IMEI number. You have to contact your local operator and request to block your mobile. They will add your stolen IMEI number to the blacklist of IMEI numbers. So thief can not use the mobile.

Trace the Location of Mobile

You can trace the location of your mobile by using Global Positioning System(GPS). Contact your local operator for tracing.

The steps to track is by following this  Online IMEI Number Tracking Website at And report the Theft.

If your mobile is stolen, you can register with IMEI number in the above website. They will track your mobile phone and inform you.
Register IMEI
You can register your IMEI number for safety purpose. This will be useful to track, when your mobile is stolen.

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How to Track & Recover Your Stolen Phone without Using Track-IMEI Services

This part works for all popular smart phone from reputable brands. The only prerequisite is that – the smart phone must have been configured with your details prior to the theft.

For Android Devices

If you just lost/misplaced an Android phone that’s connected to one of your Google (gmail, YouTube, etc.) accounts, the best steps to attempt recovering it is as follows:-

  • Quickly visit the “find my phonepage on PC or Mobile browser.
  • Enter your gmail or Google account details.
  • Use the ring option to see if the phone was actually stolen or misplaced somewhere close-by.
  • Lock the phone with another password and a message telling the thief to call the number on the screen (you can even offer him a tangible reward).
  • Engage the tracking option and other tools to help you recover the device.

For Apple iOS Devices

If the device in question is an iPad, iPhone, iPod or any other Apple iOS device, you can recover it by following these steps:-

  • Login to your Apple iCloud account or install their “Find My iPhoneapp on another smartphone.
  • Select the find my lost phone page, and follow the prompts to complete other actions.
  • You can also use the Lost Mode to remotely lock your device with a passcode, while displaying a custom message with your phone number on your missing device’s Lock screen, and keep track of the device’s location.

For Microsoft Windows Mobile Devices

You can use this method to recover your stolen/misplaced windows phone OS powered smart phone or device.

You just have to follow after the outlined methods above, but via their dedicated find my lost phone page here.

Once logged in, the page would display all your registered devices, you can then make use of the free tools to recover your stolen phone from the criminal.

If everything else fails, you can wipe the device so he does not have access to your private documents.

Recovering Stolen Phones via other Third-party Services

All Xiaomi MI, Samsung Galaxy and HTC devices comes with a special cloud service that requires you to create an account with them to use it.

Once there’s a valid account prior to the theft, you can login to your Samsung, Xiaomi MI, HTC and/or other brand’s account and use the find my phone option to track your stolen phone, tablets and other smart devices.

Most MTK brands such as Tecno, Infinix, iTel, Lenovo, Gionee,  Meizu and etc. works seamlessly with third-party apps that lets you track and control your phone remotely.

As long as such apps (security, anti-theft, etc.) were active prior to the theft, you can actually get back your stolen phone with ease.

What More?

These are the trusted methods we are able to outline for today. We’ll update you from time to time as soon as better methods for recovering your stolen phone surfaces.

Feel free to share other surefire methods for recovering stolen phones by using the comment box. Remember to share this page with your friends that might find it useful.


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  1. Am so much greateful for such wonderful information.

  2. Alex says:

    Tracking this IMEI no. can help you recover your lost or stolen cell phone or mobile.You can register this IMEI no. with the sites such as

  3. demi says:

    Pls my infinix hot3 was stole how can i track it?

    • Was there a Google account connected to it prior to the theft?

      • Faniran Joshua says:

        please my phone was stolen on the 26th November 2017 at Apo, Abuja
        color: crystal grey
        IMEI: 359973072824407
        IMEI: 359973072824415

        My Phone number: 09031351333
        please let me know if their is a need to come to your office.

        • Faniran Joshua says:

          Infinix Note 3

  4. isaac okeyo says:

    how can i get back my stolen tecno n6s .
    it had an active google acount of mine.

  5. Ayo fadeyibi says:

    Name: bello temilade
    add:ilesa, osun
    gmail add ayofadd[at]
    last used no 070664****
    phone model: infinix x557
    make infinix
    missing date:20/10/16

  6. aave john says:

    itel 1503
    352376078160908, 352376078160916

  7. Lucky Gold says:

    Pls my tecno L8 plus got stolen can u guys help me find it

  8. Macaulay says:

    Please kindly help me track my lost phone.
    Name: Macaulay Olawale Akintayo
    Address: NAF Base Abuja
    Model: Andy A6M
    Make: Yezz
    Last Nos: 08168413881 , 08027240351
    Lost Date: 22 November 2016
    IMEI No: 355634060026934, 355634060088736

  9. Kevin says:

    I have lost my Infinix x554 Imei 352256083896201 and 352256083896219 please kindly assist me recover it back,thank you in advance

  10. mercy Anthony says:

    my phone was stolen on friday 9 dec 2016 and i don’t have my imei number its infinix hot note one please how can i destroy it

  11. omotayo says:

    please my wife phone was stolen yesterday December 21 assist to track and recover
    name: faith ogha
    phone: infinix X554
    last used no: 080343263xx
    contact email:
    imei no: 352256081625065/352256081625073

  12. Oriowo Miracle says:

    name: Oriowo Miracle
    add: canaanland, sango ota
    phone model: infinix x557
    make infinix
    missing date:22/12/2016(today)
    pls, I await fast response. pls, its a new phone and I need your help. PLEASE! thanks a lot.

  13. Oriowo Miracle says:

    sorry, in addition IMEI:359839077870549,359839077870556. thanks

  14. Micheal says:

    How can i get my infinix hot 3 x554 back? I just lost it yesterday evening around 8pm date 24/12/2016 Imel:352256080889308/352256080889316

  15. penina says:

    How can I get my techno p5+ which was stolen at likoni near the ferry entrance on 17th DEC 2016 .The time no is 356787061644854 serial no is vc 612270

    • Ruky Toje says:

      Hi Just wanted to know if you eventually got back or found your phone?

  16. Franklyn says:

    goodnoon sir. i am sad stole my phone pls help me find phone infinix hot3 imei 356602078013185/ imei 356602013193
    s/n: f6n7
    i am deaf

  17. Oyebode Boladale says:

    name: Oriowo Miracle
    add: canaanland, sango ota
    phone model: infinix x601 note 3
    make infinix
    missing date:7/2/2017(today)
    pls, I await fast response. pls, its a new phone and I need your help. PLEASE! thanks a lot.

  18. martin Kyeremeh says:

    Please robber took my tecno j7 phone from me last year.would you please help me retrieve my phone back.

    I will be happy if you do it for me.

    It’s emei number is 358656061520505 and 358656061520513

  19. MARGARET says:

    I mlost anew phone today.
    infinix hot 4 lite75762443 (x557)
    IMEI: 3598380


    pls sir my infinix was stolen . i will be very greatful if you can help me recover the phone. i really need to track the location of the phone IMEI: 355954072083081/ IMEI : 355954072083099
    my e-mail adress is


  21. Oluwapelumi says:

    How can I track a Samsung s7 that I cannot get it’s imei

  22. James says:

    my samsung s4 active with Imei number 356549872432527/08 was stolen i want to destroy it.

  23. Natasha says:

    I lost my infinix note 3 on 15th june

  24. Izekor glory says:

    please my infinix hot 4 is missing,please can you help
    me locate the phone?

  25. Trueheart kleosmend says:

    can you your self track a stolen phone with wnt imei number? if yes tell me how to get to you, I will pay for the it based on negotiation

  26. Oyindamola says:

    Please my phone is stolen, i need to get it back because its a new phone.

  27. Oyebode Victor says:

    Name: Oyebode Victor oluwamayowa
    Address: Oke odo agunbelewo
    phone model: x557
    Make: infinix
    Email for communication:
    Missed date: 17th July 2017
    imei no: 35880708292684

  28. Angelina says:

    Hi Tecno, I just lost my phone with the serial number IMEI: 352770081920581 PLEASE help me find its

  29. adeniyi says:

    Name: Ajani muftau babatunde.
    Address: 19 ajani ijeshatedo.
    Last received call: 08023131982.
    Last used No: 08024998833.
    Missed date: 31-7-2017.
    imei no:352849081811204.
    imei no:352849081811212.
    Make: itel android phone.
    Phone model: itl556 plus.
    Help my cousin track his lost phone, thanks
    His communication email address is a man in an at under but he forgot is password you can contact me by my email address,

  30. adeniyi says:

    Help me track my lost phone

  31. Tochukwu says:

    Please help my bros phone was stolen tecno wx3

  32. Maurice says:

    Good day, pls my infinix x601 i bought 84,000 was stolen for two weeks now. Pls can u help me to block it or get the location of the phone cos i have been suspecting my colleague but i can’t accuse him with evidence. This my imei NO. 354585080777156

  33. Thomas Jacob says:

    Please help track my lost tecnoW5 lite with IMEI number 353147083087249 it was stolen on the 6th of july 2017. My gmail account was registered on it as at the time it got stolen and its the same account i used in registering here as well. I dont know what else to do because my location was not on as at the time it was stolen. Please help me its a new phone. my email address is “” Thank you.

  34. lot Patrick says:

    stollen phone 355210088636481

  35. Yoganandh says:

    i yoganandh my mobile lost on 16/8/2017,it bill no 3701,purhes date 11.07.2016.adress Hassan,city Hassan 573201.Gione F103pro. IMIE no 861597030360781,PLZ trace colme my cell no 09035006527

  36. Adefe says:

    Pls help me track ma phone
    Infinix hot4
    Imei no: 359839073994509 , 359839073994517
    Date lost : aug 31 2017
    Last missed call. 08163807476
    Email adress..
    No to call me on 08163807476

  37. Michael says:

    Phone-infinix bot 557
    S/N FYN5
    Pls help me track the phone

  38. olamilekan says:

    Goinee f103 pro was stolen 8 Sept 2017,with IMEI 861597034520000..pls kindly help me locate it.

  39. ken kelly says:

    infinix hot4 was stolen on 11th of September 2017.
    imei 351650097624669
    pls help me locate it

  40. Gabriel Maduabuchi says:

    Hello, my name is
    Gabriel Maduabuchi
    my phone model is, Fero L100
    IMEI 1 IS: 356202080263546
    IMEI 2 IS: 356202080263553
    S/N IS : L100000817D0013178
    Please help me Track my phone, i will pay you guys pls
    here is my email:

  41. oluwasayo fagbemi says:

    my phone model itel it 5310 IMEL is 354529082915778.S/N G5N6.please help me track my phone

  42. Cyril yemofio says:

    I lost my infinix hot 4 lite x557
    COlour:luxurious gold
    Please help me track it or if possible make it difficult for the thief to use it
    Thank you

  43. Nwakozor chiamaka doris says:

    Stolen from me Gionee P5w colour:Black
    I want to block it
    Here is my email address

  44. Akintoye Gift says:

    pls help me locate my teckno spark K7…i misplaced it yesterday…my IMEI number is:352193092803227

  45. Manniru Musa Abdullahi says:

    Sir, Please I need your help, My N-power Device ( AfriOne 2in1) was stole Today 15-11-2017 around 9:30am at Goron-Dutse Qtrs, Dala L.G.A and the IMEI number is : 356473080229254
    my Email address is
    Please help me to trace my device

  46. Tosin faniyi says:

    Pls my newly purchased infinix hot5 lite got stolen today….can u pls hlp me track it down?my IMEI no is 358808088171487 / IMEI 3588088171495

  47. michael says:

    help me track my tecno W1:imei-355212088980182/355212088980190

  48. Justice yeboah says:

    Please my infinix hot 4 is missing
    Imei 1:358406089582800
    Imei 2:358406089582818

    Please help me track it please

  49. Halimah says:

    My phone was also stolen it1508
    IMEI: 353331090981186
    Please help me block it thanks.

  50. Tom says:

    I lost my infinix note2 X600 serial number is:0123456789ABCDEF plz help me to find it.

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