Top 6 Android Applications for Science Students

you a science student seeking to advance your knowledge scientifically
via online studies? I am here to enlighten you on how to work towards
achieving your aim using your Android smartphone.

Just relax, you should
get a pen and let me take you through the top eight Android apps that
you need as a science college student.

Scientific Calculator –Download

Scientific calculator
Of course this should be the number one App any serious and devoted science student ought to have in his or her android phone.

Convert your smartphone into a calculator with this free application, for easy tackling with math and statistics problems.


MathHelper: Algebra & Calculus –Download

MathHelper Algebra Calculus
App is awesome cos it does not only allow you to see the answer/result
of a math or algebra problem, but also, gives you a detailed
step-by-step solution that you may learn how to solve the problems in
the later, rather than just getting the answers.

This is not a
free App, you need to sacrifice a little token to save yourself the
stress of moving around with Mathematics textbooks. It will only cost
you a cup of coffee ($3.63) and save you from your algebra &
calculus hassles.

We all know how Technicaized calculus can be, so
I think with this MathHelper you can suit yourself out and stand at the
top in your class.

English Grammar BookDownload

you are a science student or not, this particular App will help you a
lot, because English is the being used by ¾ of the whole countries of
the world. “Slate’s Matthew Yglesias recently complained that far too
many people in the U.S. don’t know how to read English, in a speech
intended to oppose President Obama’s “learn programming” mandate”.

Master your English with the new English Grammar App, this is a free Android app that will help you achieve your goal.

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Pocket Physics –Download

Physics covers most of physical formulas including the descriptions and
images. It’s a splendid take for students to do physics assignments and
home exercises quickly and accurately.

Now you can save yourself
the stress of carry the voluminous physics text book everywhere you go
to. Just cruise around with your Android smartphone and housing this App
in it, you can massacre Physics anywhere and anytime.

Biology Dictionary –Download

Biology Dictionary
guess you may or may not know what enzymes means, that’s why this is a
great choice. Do good by avoiding as many pop up ads as possible, don’t
really blame them for embedding so many pop up ads, or do you? This is a
great app for any student offering biology as a subject or course.

Chemistry Helper –Download

Chemistry Helper
Chemistry Helper arrays different useful tools arranged in tabular forms. These tabular forms are easy for quick remembrance.

brush up your knowledge in chemistry. This App bags a periodic table
with links to Wikipedia!!! It also allows students to carry out simple
grams/moles calculations, calculating of mass percents and do
stoichiometry with that compound.

am done
with the apps you need as a science student. Now let me also
leak some tips to make you savour these Apps without complains.

The Apps below will help you out in saving your battery and also make your phone work faster when operating the Apps.

 Pocket –Download 

Collect the best of the web to read later
a helpful article but want to read it later? When you may not have an
internet connection? Pocket is the solution to your problem.

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you to save your scientific researches and read later across any
Pocket-enabled device, you’ll never be short of something to read or
share again. It’s the perfect distraction for Tube journeys, flights and
those long train trips in signal black holes.

Greenify-  Download 

Make sure your battery isn’t draining unnessesarily.

all these Apps and using them will lead to the fast draining of your
phone battery. Getting the most from your phone’s battery is always key.

Though some Android OS versions may have its own set of battery-saving
tools, and many phones now offer power-saving modes, but these should be
seen as a last resort.

Greenify sits in the background helping to
regulate how much battery various apps are using. It freezes the apps
you tell it to when you’re not using them, and instantly defrosts them
when you need to gain access.

Clean Master – Download

clean master
likes having a slow device, Yes!, nobody likes it, even me, and Android
somehow manages to grab digital detritus like a magnet in a junkyard.
Clean Master is the mop and bucket you need to scrub your phone or
tablet clean.

Clean Master’s Junk File Cleaning feature scans your
Android device and chucks out any unwanted cache and residual files,
Thereby making your phone work faster.

these Apps listed above are trusted Apps to give the best knowledge and
aid you in becoming an outstanding science student wherever you are.

Apps are available in google play store.

Be sure to add any App you feel like should be added to this list via the comment box.
We will be updating this list from time to time.

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