Top 5 free Hosting websites that supports cms/html coded apps

Top 5 sites to host ur wordpress, vbulletin, phbb, joomla, smf, drupal, jcow, oxwall, elg & other cms websites  free without buying a domain name or hosting

 Top 5 sites to host smf, vbulletin, phbb & wordpress websites free

Today I want to teach you how you can host your personal blog , simple machines forum (smf) board, vbulletin board, drupal, phbb, jcow social network, elg social network  and any other content management System (CMS) without spending a buck for domain name and hosting.

We all know that blog does not allow adsense and the like and as such making money with it is almost impossible. but we will not be talking only about free hosting. I will list out top 5 free web hosting services I have personally used and confirmed their almost perfect (95-98%) uptime and speed.

To be able to host your, vbulletin, phbb, joomla, simple machines forum (smf), drupal, jcow, elg and etc you need a web hosting server that supports at least 1 mysql and php data table.

So I will be listing five good completely add-free and and completely free web hosting services that you can use to host any of this platform
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