Easily Get Multiple Unlimited Gocredits on 2go with glo sim

My friend just sent me this tweak via facebook and I was like good knowing this trick early enough before it starts spreading .

Now this is the way to get this 2go multiple unlimited credits

Get any glo sim card which is already registered ==> create if
possible a new 2go account with that glo number  ==> load 100 naira
worth of airtime  or above into the glo line==> type 2go credits in
your message compose and send it to +35350 ==> then keep repeating
this last step and see your go credit bubbling up.

tip 1 : ten (10) naira will be removed each time you send the message
tip 2: you can transfer the accrued credit to your main 2go account thereafter

Source of this post is 3rd Planet Techies Forum.

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