Steps to Turn Off Autocorrect Feature on Android Devices

All android smartphones and device normally comes with the award-winning auto correct feature. This means
that while typing on your smartphone Android will try to make your work
faster by suggesting corrections for you.

While the auto-correct
feature is a plus to Android smartphones, it also has a bad side. Some
times you may get embarrassed,while trying to type a particular word
and the auto – correct just feels it knows it all by changing most of
your words.

I believe it has happened to you before? Especially when you
want to write in short forms. Though having your text/words auto
completed by your android device is somehow great and useful,  here’s
what you have to do to Turn Off Autocorrect on your Android Devices:

1. First, you will need Launch your Android’s device settings menu.

Then Go to the “Language & input” Menu but in case your settings
tab is divided into section and you can’t find Language & Input,
it’s mostly found in the “Personal” section of your settings tab. So
just be sure you are in the right place.

3. From the keyboards
& input methods menu, Select “Google keyboard”. Note that there may
be other keyboards app in the list depending on which you have

4. Tap the “Text correction” option and turn off the “Auto-correction” toggle case.

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5. You have successfully turned off Autocorrect on your android device.

you’ve successfully turned this feature off, your phone will no longer
correct typographical errors again which means you must always cross
check your spelling anyway!

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