Tricks to increase Adsense Income upto $15 daily on forum/Websites

with your current add placement I doubt you can make that much , while it is always wise not to coin people into believing that “that is not an advert ” it’s also wise to make your advert align well with your page So that people don’t have to think they are doing you a favor by  clicking on the adds .

Why there are many tips I can offer you for adsense placement it seems rather too clear that fora uses a more simple and explicit add placement format .

And for the sake of this info .. note that the add on the bottom is not gonna get you any better clicks either but u can ignore it since it’s addynamo that pays nothing much for now ‘cos of low advertisers base.

But if you don’t earn useful amount from it weekly you can simply remove it so as not to distract your visitors and also to increase the chances of people clicking on your adsense instead

1. Try to tweak the background of that your header add to rhyme with that of the forum or simply change it to “image/video ads only”  Since your site is majorly text based I think image only will attract visitors attention more easily than any text add .

(this helped my earning too when I was using adsense – my current provider doesn’t have option for image only ads)

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2. Try moving that your header add to the center of the forum and see if that improves your earning rapidly … If you don’t know how to do this just use my own code below to do it

Code: [Select]

<div style=”margin:auto; text-align:center;”> Bro just drop the ads code here </div>

3. My highest paying add like 6-10 daily click was the advert within post ,,, brother that’s a secret you need to apply too.

(my current add provider doesn’t have the option for image only adds  neither do they have 200*200 add format which was my magic wand for within post ads).
Now to make your add within post more useful and possibly your best earning ad , since most of your visitors that came from search engines wouldn’t even scroll  to the top / bottom of your site why not wrap the ads around your content to make it more visible.

To achieve this you need use the “Google ads mod” which only have the option to wrap your add around text.

After installing this mod use the left/right placement option but I prefer the left ‘cos that’s where they will start reading the news/ article from.
4. you can choose to display ads below the first post since your post are usually very long or simply use the sidebar for your ads.
5. Keep working on your traffic as that is the lifeline of any successful website.

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  1. Baron Narshor says

    i have done exactly what you said but my income still 69$. you can check it out:

    • Your website looks great Baron,

      A lot of facts counts when it comes to ads optimization, while placement is very important, keywords and visitors location also matters in most cases.

      Writing about high paying keywords once-in-a-while can help improve your daily earning on Google adsense.

  2. Baron Narshor says

    thanks for your advice. it is exactly what i need

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