6 Reasons why clicks on your Google adsense ads is very low

#1. You blocked it This is a very rare case but do happen to few bloggers and forum owners who easily get obsessed with seo and immediately starts playing with their robots.txt not knowing when they block the google adsense site crawling robots. Also some sites restricts access completely except you register fully as a member, this can hurt as google adsense bot will find it difficult crawling Read On

Tricks to increase Adsense Income upto $15 daily on forum/Websites

with your current add placement I doubt you can make that much , while it is always wise not to coin people into believing that "that is not an advert " it's also wise to make your advert align well with your page So that people don't have to think they are doing you a favor by  clicking on the adds . Why there are many tips I can offer you for adsense placement it seems rather too clear that Read On