top seven free secured cms alternatives to WordPress & Joomla “a security advice”

 This is no longer news that more than 3,000 joomla & wordpress hosted sites get hacked weekly by some malicious individual who derive great pleasure in dis-annulling people efforts .
While there is no known permanent means to stopping hackers from penetrating your site there are security measure you must apply if you are to use joomla or wordpress for your site or client website.    Now this security measures requires advance knowledge in php editing else install these recommended plugin / module and update frequently to scare most newbie hackers away from tampering with your site or client website. If you have time and will like to learn new cms platform that are too secured and less popular than these two then below is top seven free cms alternative to WordPress & joomla    you can use for your site / client website.
1.Pyrocms you can learn about it from their official site
2. Expression Engine their official website is found @
3. Symphony Cms If you have good idea on any of joomla / wordpress then you can use symphony cms download and learn more about it from their official site located @
4. Concrete5 You can download and learn about concrete5 from
5. Modx  This is a very easy to use open source cms platform their official website is located @
6. Contao their official website is located @
7. Life Type Blogging Platform . you can download , install or learn more about life type from
8. Drupal the official site for drupal is
Open source content management system is usually very easy to install and needs little tips to design and configure to your test but if you think you need more guidance to use any of this platform you can simply join our ict technology forum to get free tips from webmasters  all over.

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