LG Unveils Optimus L9 With 4.7- Inch Screen, 1 GHz Dual-Core CPU

 L.G has unveiled Optimus L9, its most
powerful L-series smartphone so far.
Though L-series devices are essentially stylish
smartphones for consumers on a budget, the
L9 has some pretty solid specifications,
including a 4.7-inch IPS screen, 1 GB of RAM
and a dual-core, 1 GHz processor.
The device, which runs on Android 4.9 or Ice
Cream Sandwich, has a 5-megapixel rear
camera, and a VGA one on the front.
LG also points out some of the device’s
software features, such as instant translation
with the QTranslator. Another notable feature
is My Style Keypad, which adjusts the keypad
depending on whether you’re using one or two
hands to text.
All of these features will likely appeal to those
hunting for an attractive device with a lower
price tag. Users wanting a little more should
take a look at LG’s recently announced
Optimus G.
Price and availability for the LG Optimus L9
have yet to be revealed. 
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