How To Root Samsung Galaxy S10

The Samsung Galaxy S10 holds the status of one of the best smartphones that rocked 2019. It was launched in a season where tech enthusiasts were eager to have a smartphone that didn’t feel like repetition or a minor spec bump. The Samsung Galaxy S10 is one of the first smartphones to feature laser-cut dual front-facing cameras. It featured improved camera hardware, top-notch hardware specs, and awesome software.

Despite being described as a very awesome smartphone, it is has a defect that many tech enthusiasts frown at. Despite being an Android smartphone, users aren’t at liberty to make all the tweaks they desire. OEM locked may feature on default. It takes proper rooting of the Samsung Galaxy S10 to gain access to these features.  In this article, you will learn how to root the Samsung Galaxy S10.

As might expect from a brand that takes security measures seriously, prying into restricted areas of their software isn’t easy to thing to do. The whole process of rooting the Samsung Galaxy S10 is grouped into a trio of stages. Firstly you will need to unlock it’s the bootloader, next you will need to patch the AP firmware file and finally using the patched AP firmware file to root the Samsung Galaxy S10. All of these steps are discussed below:

Requirements to root the Samsung Galaxy S10

  1. Samsung USB drivers: The Samsung USB driver is needed to help your computer recognize your device. You can download it via this link.
  2.  download and extract  Odin v1.13.1 to your computer.
  3. Create a backup for the files on your Samsung Galaxy S10 device as all the files on it will be wiped during the rooting process.
  4. Make sure that your Samsung Galaxy S10 device is charged up to 40%.

Now that you have successfully met the requirements listed above, you are set to proceed with rooting process proper, which includes unlocking your bootloader, patching the firmware e.t.c

Unlocking Your Boot Loader

1. Navigate through Settings > About phone > Software information on your Galaxy S10 device.

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How To Root Samsung Galaxy S10

2. Enable developers option:  Tap on build number continuously, until you get notified that the developer’s option has been enabled.

Enable developer mode on Samsung Galaxy S10

3. Navigate back to settings and tap developer options

4. Enable ‘OEM Unlocking

5. Boot into Download Mode: 

  • Power off your Samsung Galaxy S10 device
  • Hold the volume down and Bixby keys together
  • still holding both buttons, connect your device to a computer
  • Press the volume up to enter download

6. Hold the Volume Up button until your device enter “Device unlock mode

7. Press Volume Up button again to unlock the bootloader on your Samsung Galaxy S10 device

8. Wait for your device to reboot (Do not set up an account)

9.  Verify Bootloader’s state with vault keeper: 

  • Connect your Samsung Galaxy S10 device to Wi-Fi
  • Skip the account setup process
  • Enable developers options in settings
  • Enable OEM unlocking

Patching The AP firmware File

  • Download the Samsung Galaxy S10 (SM-G973F) Firmware 
  • Extract the downloaded firmware on your computer ( Note that the download file name always starts with ‘AP
  • Copy the ‘AP’ file (.tar) to the internal storage of your Samsung Galaxy S10 device
  • Download and install Magisk Manager on your Samsung Galaxy S10 device
  • Launch the Magisk Manager app and tap on the ‘install button
  • Tap ‘Install’ again and select ‘Select and Patch a file
  • Select AP tar file in the folder it’s stored

Magisk Patched AP firmware tar file

  • Allow Magisk Manager to patch AP firmware.

Note: The patched file will be stored as ‘magisk_patched.tar‘ in the download folder of your internal storage.

Flashing The Patched AP Firmware File

1. Transfer the ‘magisk_patched.tar‘ to your computer

2. Run the Odin v1.13.1 tool on your PC

3. Power off your Samsung Galaxy S10 device

4. Boot into download mode

5. Click the ‘Options‘ tab in Odin and Uncheck ‘Auto-Reboot

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6. Now, click on the following slot buttons and select the corresponding firmware files:

  • BL: Select the firmware file starting “BL”
  • AP: Select the Patched AP firmware file (magisk_patched.tar)
  • CP: Select the firmware file starting “CP”
  • CSC: Select the firmware file starting “HOME_CSC”

Flash Magisk Patched AP Firmware File to root Samsung Galaxy S10

7. Click on the ‘Start‘ button to flash the patched firmware file and root your Samsung Galaxy S10 device.

Note: Do not reboot your Phone immediately. Before you can reboot your device, you must first factory reset your device via the stock recovery. Follow the steps outlined below to factory reset your Samsung Galaxy S10 device.

Factory Resetting Your Samsung Galaxy S10 Device

how to factory reset the Samsung Galaxy S10

  1. Disconnect your Samsung Galaxy S10 device from your computer
  2. Hold Power and volume down button to exit download mode
  3. Wait for the screen to turn off and then hold the ‘power‘, ‘Bixby‘ and ‘Volume Up
  4. Use the Volume buttons to highlight the ‘Wipe data/factory reset’ option in stock recovery
  5. Press the power button to confirm factory reset on your Galaxy S10 device
  6. Select ‘Reboot system now‘ option and immediately press the ‘Power‘, ‘Bixby‘, and Volume Up buttons together until the Bootloader Warning screen appears.
  7. Release all buttons as soon as the Warning screen appears
  8. Wait for your device to boot into the rooted system.
  9. Launch the Magisk manager on your Samsung Galaxy S10 device
  10. All Magisk manager to perform all necessary procedures.

Wrapping it Up:

Without a doubt, the steps to rooting the Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphones are quite numerous, but what makes it easy is your ability to meticulously follow the steps outlined under the various headings listed above. If you have any questions as regards this tutorial, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

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