How to Root Samsung Galaxy A71

The Samsung Galaxy A71 steps up Samsung’s mid-range smartphone game, offering features that are an improvement to last year’s Samsung Galaxy A70.  Comparing it to its predecessor, you have an improved chassis design, improved cameras, an improved display, a faster Snapdragon processor, and lots more. Aside from having great mid-range hardware, the Samsung Galaxy A71 also comes packed with the distinguished One UI 2.0 which is a substantial upgrade to the first One UI. It carries on the minimal and speed execution its predecessor began. Its unarguably one of the cleanest non-stock user interface on an Android smartphone.

How To Root Samsung Galaxy A71

Despite being a very intuitive user interface, with lots of accolades, there are still enthusiasts who desire more. These enthusiasts usually fall under the category of those who want to have root access on their smartphone, which will enable them to have more developer privileges. The fact that you are currently reading this article, is a pointer to the fact that you have been nursing that thought and have decided to root your Samsung Galaxy A71 smartphone.

This article contains a comprehensive tutorial on how to root the Samsung Galaxy A71. It is a step by step guide that was designed to make the whole process seamless and easy. However, before you can go ahead to root this smartphone, there are some requirements you must meet. These requirements are outlined below:

  1. An unlocked boot loader ( Tutorial will be provided in this article)
  2. At least 60% battery charge
  3. You will also be needing a laptop to run Odin
  4. Make sure you create a backup for the data stored on your Samsung Galaxy A71 smartphone

How To Unlock The Samsung Galaxy A71 Bootloader

1. Enable developer Option:  Navigate through settings > about.  Continuously tap on bootloader until you get the message that developers option has been enabled.

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2. Enable USB debugging:  To enable USB debugging, navigate through settings > developer options. Look for USB debugging and OEM unlock and then enable them.

3.  Boot into download mode:  Turn off your smartphone and then hold volume down and power button to boot into download mode

4. Now long-press the volume up button to unlock the boot loader

Rooting the Samsung Galaxy A71

There are three stages to rooting the Samsung Galaxy A71. The stages include preparing a patched bootable Image file, flashing the patched boot image file using ODIN, and the booting into the routed OS, which gives you the Root access. Procedures for each step will be outlined in this section. However, before you begin this process, make sure your device has at least a 60%  battery charge, to avoid bricking.

Note: Your data is going to be lost at the end of this rooting process, so you are advised to create a backup for your files.

Preparing Patched Boot Image file

1. Download and install the Samsung USB driver on your  PC

2. Download and Instal ODIN on your PC

3. Download  and extract the Samsung Galaxy A71 firmware on your PC. (Download Phone Info app to get correct details on your firmware)

4. Copy AP.tar.md5 file from the extracted firmware.

5. Covert AP.tar.md5 to a .img file using Winrar or any unzip tool

6. copy the converted .img file to your smartphone

7. Download and install Magisk on your Samsung Galaxy A71 smartphone

8. Launch the Magisk Manager app and then click on install

9.  Select the .img you created with your computer

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10. Wait for the patching process to complete

11. Copy magisk_patched.tar file to your PC.

Flashing The Patched Boot Image Using ODIN

1. Disable on lock securities on your phone (Fingerprint, PIN, Swipe e.t.c)

2. Turn off your smartphone

3. Hold volume down + volume up buttons and connect your smartphone to your PC using a USB cable and wait till the Samsung Logo appear before you release the keys.

4. Now press only the  volume up button to continue

5. Launch ODIN on your PC. Make sure you get the notice “the message added”. Kindly re-open ODIN if you didn’t get the message

6. Click on the AP /PDA button

7. Browse for the patched Magisk file you sent to your PC (make sure you untick auto-reboot)

8. Click on start and wait for the flashing process to complete

9. Press Volume Down+ Power button to exit Download mode

10. Wait for the screen to go off and then Press Volume Up+ Volume Down+ Power buttons to boot into Recovery mode

12. In download mode, click on factory reset/wipe data. Make sure you don’t boot into your OS afterward. Following the steps outlined below.

13. hold Volume Up + Power buttons to boot into the rooted OS. Release all the keys once the Bootloader warning appears

Wrapping Up:

There you have it – a comprehensive tutorial on how to root the Samsung Galaxy A71. If you have any questions as regards this tutorial, feel free to drop them in the comment section below. We will do our best to respond swiftly.

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