How to Save and Invest Securely with Piggyvest Fintech App

One of the most difficult challenges faced by most people in this part of the world is to set up and maintain a healthy money-saving culture. More so, bank interests aren’t enticing as they used to be in the past, and people are searching for alternative ways to save their money. PiggyVest happens to be one of the best mobile apps that lets you save money, as well as invest in flexible businesses. In fact, it made it atop 3ptechies list of the best loan and investment apps of 2019.

Unlike banks, Piggyvest pays your interest upfront even before your savings/investment matures. It is a secure platform to set up flexible savings plans and access more features.

PiggyVest Mobile App Overview [Sign Up & get ₦1,000]

This may appear like every other app you use every day; however, its features are effective for saving for various purposes. PiggyVest mobile app has a simple-to-understand interface where you can navigate quickly to “Investments” or “Savings.” The app comes with other features that contribute to its security and ease-of-use.

However, as an app you have not used before, you’d need a strong conviction to consent and add your card details and other vital details to use the app. Well, PiggyVest is being used by many people and I can also assure that the app is very safe and secure for its purpose.

Furthermore, unlike mobile loan apps, PiggyVest is just a platform that helps you safeguard your money purposefully. It does not support loans, and as such, you can request for loans from the PiggyVest mobile app. In this article, I carefully explained how you can save or invest securely on the Piggyvest mobile app.

How to save on PiggyVest mobile app

Piggyvest savings

To get started, you need to download the app from Playstore and register with your basic information. After registration, you will be guided to complete your account setup; adding a debit card, verifying some important account settings, and more. The whole registration and set up process doesn’t take longer than 2 – 5 minutes (at most). Once you’re done with the account set up, you can start saving and investing right away.

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On the app’s homepage, you can access all the features of the app easily. Click on the “Savings” tab to get started with a variety of savings options. Here, you can add funds to your PiggyBank, set up specific savings targets, safelock funds, or safe in dollars.

Adding money to your piggybank

This feature allows you to add funds to your Piggybank at the interest rate of 10% per annum. Also, it has an “Auto-save” feature that automatically adds a specified amount of money from your debit card to your Piggybank account at daily, weekly, or monthly intervals. Also, you can withdraw your Piggybank funds at any time you wish.

SafeLock funds

The Safelock feature promises to offer friendlier interest rates (6% – 15.5%) and a more flexible savings feature. You definitely must have heard of banks’ fixed deposit accounts. Well, Piggyvest’s Safelock feature works like the fixed deposit account offered by local banks to their customers.

With Piggyvest’s Safelock, you can lock up any amount of money for a specific period; you cannot withdraw any money you put in SafeLock until the due date. However, you can set the duration to be (at least) 10 days and 1000 days at most. One important thing to note about SafeLock is that you cannot withdraw the locked funds until its maturity date. If you need a savings plans that will allow you to withdraw your funds at any time, try using PiggyBank or other savings options available on PiggyVest.

Targetted savings

This is one of my best features of this app; you can create multiple targets and start saving to meet up. More so, you can create a personal savings target or group savings target. Interestingly, there no limit to the number of savings groups you can create or join to save towards achieving a common goal.

The interest rate for this type of savings is 10% and you’ll get paid the interest on a daily basis. With this savings feature, you can save for your rent, vacation, family outing, and more. Navigate to the “Explore” tab to see group savings target you can join freely.

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Flex Naira

Flex Naira is a savings plan that allows PiggyVest users to save and get 10% of their money per annum. However, you can withdraw your money at any time, but withdrawing more than four times in a month will cause you to lose the interest for that particular month.

How to invest with PiggyVest mobile app

Piggyvest invest

Interestingly, the PiggyVest mobile app provides its users’ with a lot of investment options starting for as low as #5000. You can invest more than once on a promising opportunity or project. Also, you will see the total number of investors that have already added money to an investment opportunity.

PiggyVest mobile app lets you filter investment opportunities by tab; you can navigate to “Agriculture” to see all agricultural-related investments or “Real-Estate” to view real-estate opportunities.

Nevertheless, most a time you’ll visit the investment section, you will notice that virtually all available investment opportunities have been sold out. But you should keep coming back routinely to check for free, attractive opportunities to invest some money. Piggyvest promises up to 25% ROI (Return on Investments). So, you’ll most likely get the best value for your money by investing with Piggyvest mobile app.

Unfortunately, you cannot manually create investment opportunities for other people to engage with. If you wish to launch an investment opportunity on Piggyvest mobile app, you should contact the app developers to learn about the terms.

What more? PiggyVest referral program

Make Money with Piggvest referral program

Piggyvest offers quite an enticing referral program; you’ll be gifted #1000 each time you refer someone and that person completes setting up his/her account. So anyone can make money easily with Piggvest referral program. Alternatively, if you do not want to use the PiggyVest mobile app, you can as well use the web version at

PiggyVest is secure and convenient to use; the app uses Paystack to process all your card payments to satisfy that your details won’t be leaked online. Also, using the PiggyVest mobile app to save and invest offers more flexibility and comfort compared to local banks’ processes to get such services.

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