How to Save and Invest Securely with Piggyvest Fintech App

One of the most difficult challenges faced by most people in this part of the world is to set up and maintain a healthy money-saving culture. More so, bank interests aren't enticing as they used to be in the past, and people are searching for alternative ways to save their money. PiggyVest happens to be one of the best mobile apps that lets you save money, as well as invest in flexible businesses. Read On

The Popular Money Making Apps for Smartphones [Infographic]

How did the concept of money-making through mobile apps come to being? Well, it must have been from the time developers came across the idea of App Store Optimization. Everyone wants to make money off their ideas: who wouldn't? The incredible thing about this is that one thing has led to the other. And for you to be a beneficiary of this new money making task you will need a smartphone that can Read On

Top 20 Websites to Make Money Online by Writing Articles

If like me you have found it rather boring to use pay per click services like Google Adsense, abstract, bidvertiser and the likes, then I'm providing you with alternatives.Below are the top 20 websites that will pay you for submitting articles, writing a product review or promoting advertiser's link in your blog. It's quite simple, all you'd need to do is to read on and start cashing your Read On

5 Rugged Ways To Make Money After Retiring From Your Job

After retirement you may experience a sudden shift in lifestyle: no more clocking-in, no more worrying about next week’s deadlines, no more putting up with the boss; it’s something you’ve been looking forward to all these years and now it’s here you find you’re missing the routine. Well, adjusting to life on the pension can be difficult but here are a few activities that will not only keep you Read On

9 proven ways to Make Money Online this Year

 1. Amazon Mechanical Turk Amazon is primarily known as a huge e-commerce website, but a less known feature is its outsourcing marketplace. Mechanical Turk is a place where people place up short jobs for people to complete. You may write an article for one contractor, and make image descriptions for another. Most jobs pay less than $1, but they usually take less than a minute to complete. 2. Read On