The spam is all over the internet announcing a free dstv software! But I have got good news for curious minds. Dstv lets you watch channels like: super sport, africa magic, cnn, cartoon network and many more, in the same vein, free dstv software does similar stations for free.what's so special about this free dstv software? This is what every careful and curious persons should be asking Read On

Watch ait & Nta live & free! No hardware / software needed

With recent development and online researches i found out that one can uninterruptedly watch AIT and NTA which are the most watch television (TV) channels in Nigeria and west Africa as a whole.Many may be doubtful of this when i said it is live and free, but i will not end my post/topic without a proof.Online movies and television series works best when Jave runtime se, Shokewave player Read On

Data Subscription Plans & Codes for Mtn, 9Mobile, Glo & Airtel Nigeria

MTN DATA PLAN (PC)S/N Amount (NGN) Time Duration Size Code1 5,000 all day 1 month 10GB 1162 10,000 all day 1 month 22GB 1173 2,500 9pm-6am 1 month 3GB 1024 8,000 all 1 month 5GB 1015 3,000 weekend 1 month 3GB 1086 6,000 Day Time (9am-9pm) 1 month 3GB 107Send all code to 131 to subscribe to a data bundle plan of Read On


 Setting Up A Ftp: Well, since many of us have always wondered this, here it is. Long and drawn out. Also, before attempting this, realize one thing; You will have to give up your time, effort, bandwidth, and security to have a quality ftp server. That being said, here it goes. First of all, find out if your IP (Internet Protocol) is static (not changing) or dynamic (changes everytime you log Read On


Siemens Mobile Secret Codes: C25:SP unlock *#0003*(secret code 8 digits)#*#0606# shows you Secret Code, but only without SIM Card.*#06# for checking the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity)Resets language to automatic selection : * # 0000 # then Green buttonPin Out (electrical connections)1- GND 2- SB 3- POWER 4- NC 5- TX 6- RX 7- CLOCK 8- DATA 9- GND Read On

Most Computer Related Acronyms and Its Meaning

ADSL - Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line AGP - Accelerated Graphics Port ALI - Acer Labs, Incorporated ALU - Arithmetic Logic Unit AMD - Advanced Micro Devices APC - American Power Conversion ASCII - American Standard Code for Information Interchange ASIC - Application Specific Integrated Circuit ASPI - Advanced SCSI Programming Interface AT - Advanced Technology ATM - Automatic Teller Read On


Did you know that in Windows XP you can shut down your computer from the (eventually DOS prompt) command line box? Moreover, you can do this by clicking your mouse only once. All you need to do is... right-click on an empty Desktop spot -> select New -> Shortcut -> type shutdown followed by a space, and then enter one or more of the parameters listed below -> click Next -> type a Read On