Mtn Launches Self Care App For Mobile Phone & Devices

MTN has just launched an app for its web self service portal. The app
which supports phones and tablets on multiple platforms including
Android, IOS (Apple) BlackBerry and J2ME allows you do the following
from your mobile device:

*Check your account profile

*Check your recent account recharges

*Subscribe to a blackberry/Fastlink/ mobile internet/simple surf data plan

*Subscribe to MTN callertunez, music and games on MTN Play

*Check available balance and expiry data of your Fastlink/mobile internet/ Simple Surf/BlackBerry data plan

*Perform a SIM Swap on your lost/ stolen MTN line

*Purchase airtime or pay your phone bills using your Interswitch ATM card

*Retrieve your PUK code to unlock your SIM

*Request for MTN Data Settings etc.

To use the MTN Mobile Self-Care app, simply send an SMS with “Care to 5018. A URL with the link to download the app will be sent as an SMS to your phone.

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