How To Change an 8GB SD Card to RAM Memory

One of the most efficient ways to improve the speed and performance of your computer system is to add random-access memory (RAM). Replacing RAM modules requires physically opening your computer case and removing parts, which is a daunting prospect for most computer users. If you have a flash memory device, such as an 8-gigabyte (GB) SD card, a feature of the Windows Vista operating system allows you to use the card as RAM instead of physically adding new RAM modules.


1. Examine the ports on the front and back end of your computer to see if the machine has a built-in card-reading unit. Get an external card reader if there is not a built-in unit and connect it to one of the open USB ports on the machine.
2. An external card reader
Insert the 8GB SD flash memory card into the corresponding SD slot on the internal or external card-reading unit. Wait for the Windows Vista operating system to bring up a new window asking what action you want to take.
3. Accessing the ReadyBoost menu

Scroll down to the bottom end of the window and find the heading labeled “General Options.” Click on the link underneath the “General Options” heading that is labeled “Speed Up My System Using Windows ReadyBoost.”
4. Using the SD card Continue reading How To Change an 8GB SD Card to RAM Memory

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