Meet Nokia X Plus – An Android KitKat phone with Dual core processor


Nokia X Plus is the lightest Android KitKat phone available, and is
also affordable and slender. The phone is packed with OS mobile
technology adopted from Google and is a software Windows phone version. The design is termed by many as candy bar make.

To provide an
overview of the basic features of Nokia X Plus it is equipped with 32GB
expandable storage capacity through storage SD via micro.

It is tailored
with 4GB storage and 768MB RAM, the software used is S4 dual core GHz
Qualcomm Snapdragon 1 GHz processor, the camera capacity is 3MP.

overall measure is four inches and display capacity is 800 x 480 pixels.
Nokia X is sold in lots of vibrant shades, and sources were satisfied
with the black version of the phone. The buttons on the phone are simple
and does not wear out easily.

Nokia X Plus sports an
elegant design, but is not as sophisticated as that of top notch phone.
It is similar to any other Nokia device, with defined curves and thick
body, and the evenness is contributed by a polycarbonate rear that is

The design on the whole is smooth and the back detachable lid is
designed in a way that it does not feel rough at any point.

The home
screen design is similar to that of Windows Phone and the icons are
positioned in multicolored array format, and it takes up about 1×1 spot
in the grid and 2×2 volume.

The widgets can be accessed easily as well,
even those which are unique to standard Android and Nokia phones.

Nokia X
Plus takes on a varied Android design different from the usual Android
phones. The interesting features to look forward to are Samsung
Touchqiz, and OEM UI reconfiguration.

Nokia X does
not deliver the best performance, but is a high end devise similar to
the advanced Galaxy S and iPhone.

Galaxy S becomes a bit sluggish
particularly when consumers browse through websites and media enriched
content, and the home screen is packed with heaps of icons. The
experience is known to be pretty smooth with little room for

There are exciting social networking features such as
Twitter and Facebook and the access to these apps is convenient and
quick. Nokia X is a Dual-SIM phone and the charging capacity is enormous
and is quick in between networks and the battery runs for hours without
a hassle.

The battery output is so robust that even after a few hours
the phone can be used to the optimum. If Nokia X is in cellular network
mode then the battery durability dips significantly and is lower than
any other Nokia or iPhones.

Nokia X is a highly reliable piece, and
the notifications are visible on custom home screen, which is inclusive
of text messages. Such features are absent in standard Android phones.

Nokia X phone is an eye catchy product, and has bits of hardware and
software features. The advantage of the phone is it is packed with
reliable features, reasonable and aerodynamic and the disadvantages are
it is not too efficient and the web navigation feature is not very

Nokia X Plus is listed among the most desirable
new phones and costs Rs 8,599 and is among the most affordable pieces in
the highly competitive mobile market.

Nokia X Plus operates on Google
apps and was displayed to the public in grand style at the prestigious
Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona in 2014 Feb.

The X plus in
European markets costs 99 Euros and when converted to Indian rupees it
is Rs 8,400 the Nokia XL costs 109 Euros.

Nokia announced that it will
introduce two other Nokia devices called XL – and X+ in India in the
near future.

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On the launch of Nokia X Plus in India the
managing director of Microsoft services and Android apps stated that,
‘’India is among the swiftest growing mobile markets in the world in the
small phone category.

We are assured that Nokia X is an assortment of
uniqueness in the form of experience and quality contributed by the
merge of Android and Microsoft apps.

Mobile Industry:
India is
the third biggest smartphone market and according to data revealed by
IDC the sale flow of smartphones shot up in 2013 with 44 million units
compared to 16.2 million units noted in 2012.

The sudden increase is
caused by massive expansion of Indian made phones such as Lava, Karbonn
and Micromax, and all these phones cost less than Rs 3,000.

The other
reason for smartphones to sell in dozens is the narrow price structure
between various phones.

When questioned if Nokia series will be as cost
effective as Asha phones, Balaji said that Nokia phones are economically
feasible but not to the effect of Asha phones.

Lumia, Nokia X and Asha
are three different phones and the cost of all these phones will come
down in the near future. Nokia X is a merge of Android and Microsoft
features and has some interesting apps such as Outlook and Skype.

Nokia X Plus can accommodate two sims and runs with a potent software
called Qualcomm Snapdragon processer and the operating capacity is 1

The smoothness is contributed by tile type of design and the memory
capacity is 768MB Ram, and can extent to 32GB.

The camera capacity is
3MP and battery durability is 1500mAH. The design of Nokia X is adopted
from Android platform, and users can have access to fun apps like Google Play and also side load Android apps from one of Nokia’s merge
counterpart Microsoft.

Those who are keen to buy
Nokia X Plus it is a worthy purchase and the uniqueness lies in the
presence of the lightest KitKat Android phone equipped with dual core

Nokia X plus has all the features of a top notch phone for an
affordable price.

Phones are reliable commodities all over the world
and not everyone in India has the means to a super efficient top notch
phone. Nokia X plus comes in a grand package for an affordable price.

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