Isn’t It About Time You Replaced Your Traditional Phone Lines WithHosted VoIP?

Hosted VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), is an telecommunications software, which allows individuals and businesses to make phone calls, not through a standard telephone line, but via the internet. As an overview: hosted VoIP converts the caller’s voice to specific digital signals, which travels over the same lines used by internet traffic. After being converted to digital signals, the voice transmission is filtered again into traditional phone lines to connect the call to the person. The differences between a hosted VoIP system and a regular telephone line can generally affect how you view, and eventually use, the service. Indeed, there are more advantages to this type of service compared to the traditional phone line.


Compared to a standard telephone line, the billing for hosted VoIP is simpler. In businesses, all communication services are displayed on just one invoice, depending on additional services added like email, mobile, internet, etc. Because of this, businesses can assess financial goals beforehand, and a hosted VoIP system even offers the possibility to choose what package works best for streamlining services.

Hosted VoIP is undeniably cheaper. This system employs the use of cloud technology, which is much cheaper compared to standard landline telephone systems. Bundling with other add on services can even prove to be cheaper for your business needs.

Unlike a standard phone line, hosted VoIP is also scalable. This works well especially for businesses where the size of the company matters.  With hosted VoIP systems, even small sized businesses can enjoy the advantages of their services because it is known to be completely future proof.

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Buying hosted VoIP services saves time as the setup, support, and even maintenance are handled by the service provider. Some providers even offer internal technical support, which works better than outsourcing as they can answer your questions directly and with confidence.

It also offers ease of use. When a company utilises hosted VoIP services, the providers present you with a user-friendly interface. This type of technology also belongs to a rapidly changing field. Still, there is no need to go through disruption of service, and this encountering a cost for upgrading to in-house equipment.


The internet has indeed brought a lot of advantages to the way people live now. One of its defining benefits is that information tends to be more accessible, regardless of a company’s size or background. However, it is vital for any business to identify the best hosted VoIP provider.

Different providers offer different services. Their level of support, as well as their technical expertise may also vary. Therefore, it is important that you, as a company, do thorough research on a provider’s background. It may also help if you check the specific providers being utilised by the companies in your area. Ask around. Select the best offers. Most hosted VoIP providers appreciate it if you ask about their services before using them, as this shows that you are protecting the best interests of your company.

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