24 Hours On My iPhone: The First 10 Apps Installed

Android is and has been my favorite mobile operating system (OS) since my high school days, this explains my reasons for moving from one android device to another.

Just recently, I thought about trying another mobile operating system (OS) to see how much they have improved on their interface, experience and user-friendliness.

After pondering on whether iPhone, Blackberry and Windows mobile, I decided to go with the iOS and was lucky enough to find a site offering a higher than 35% discount code.

This was how I purchased my third iOS device; the first and second being a iPod touch and iPhone 2 respectively.

Below is the first 10 apps (excluding games) installed after just 24 hours of usage. 

1. Evernote 

Evernote is great for taking notes and was the very first app I downloaded to help get back my previous notes and events. 

Was great on android and even awesome on my iPhone, more on evernote, the app and features is available on the official evernote website.  

2. WordPress 

WordPress app makes blogging via mobile so fun, easy and effortless. The user-friendly interface of the app makes it a must have for every blogger currently using WordPress for their blog.

I had it on my android devices and didn’t have to crack my brain to get it installed on my iPhone.   
3. Koder Code Editor

Being an avid user of notepad++ and sublime text, I can’t help but look out for the exact alternative for my iPhone device.

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This was after I have installed the wordpress app for my blogging activities. 

4. Online Poker App 

Have you ever browse up your phone menu icon only to see apps you didn’t really figure out when, why or the main intent for installing them?

Real money poker app is just one of those apps you didn’t really crack up your head to install or maybe discover them through adverts.

But somehow it already featured in my list ‘cos it was among the first 10 apps to be installed in my iPhone, whether I really used it thereafter is a question left for me to answer.  

5. Textastic Code Editor

My quest for the replica of the award-winning notepad++ software led me to installing two similar app just to make sure nothing goes wrong when making my final decision about them. 

Just from the app’s preview, i can tell its gonna blow me off completely when building websites with it.
6. Source Viewer

As a webmaster, Source Viewer app for iPhone will really come handy as it can be used for troubleshooting websites amongst other regular uses of web source code.

I personally use the application more often being a freelancer with several micro-job sites to work on, I use it to troubleshoot blogs and websites by viewing the main source for possible html errors and all that.

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7. Adobe Photoshop Express

Hands down the best app for doing basic photo editing activities on mobile. Had it on Symbian, Android and iOS, will still have it on every other future devices.

Adobe Photoshop Express is developer’s friendly and will normally bring the pc experience on mobile.
8. Analytiks

A very handy app for bloggers and website owners, I was amazed with how fun the app was as I never had need for it while on the Android OS.
9. FTP Client Pro

FTP client pro was a better alternative to AndFTP (Android FTP client)  and a replica of FileZilla software (my favorite FTP client for pc), really served me for the few minutes I tested a secured connection with it.

It should be a great tool for web developers, bloggers and programmers.
10. Pocket

A great app for busy persons, has been one of my very favorite apps after evernote. Can save up articles for later time.

Better than normal bookmarking of website links and could really save you a lot of time.

Image source: iTunes app store          

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