How To Deal With A Travel Emergency

When travelling, one must be prepared for all unexpected things. We surely don’t want to get into a situation where our lives will be in danger or where our health will be compromised but there are different emergencies that one can face when travelling. Here are some of them and a guide on what to do.


If you get assaulted in a foreign land, ask for help immediately. It is a good idea to learn how to say “help” or “police” or “hospital” in the native language. If you find yourself physically assaulted, go to the nearest hospital or clinic immediately. You need first aid treatment. You can just transfer to another hospital after you have received primary treatment.

Call your embassy

Always have a number of your country’s embassy on-hand. Once you feel better, call them up and inform them of your situation. Ask them which hospital they use for their staff then ask to be brought there.

Call friends and family

Call up your family or friends and notify them of your situation as soon as possible. Maybe one of them can fly out to assist you with the medical and legal proceedings.


If you get sick, go to the nearest hospital immediately. If you are in a country where vaccinations are needed before you enter, be sure to have a list handy of what shots you got prior to coming to inform the doctors. It is a good idea to consult a travel doctor before leaving so that you have an idea about the common travel diseases and what to do if you get them.

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If you have been assaulted or you are a victim of robbery, report it immediately to the police. You will need the police report to claim your insurance. If you are unsure of the police, report the situation to your embassy first. Ask them to help you notify the police and to notify your family.

Your embassy can help you get lawyers and translators but don’t expect them to pay for your expenses.

Traveller’s Aid

Check if there are any Traveller’s Aid counters in the airport. They can help you with basic questions and can also refer you to the right people and organizations if you need help.

Losing your passport

If your passport gets lost or stolen, report it to your embassy at once. They can provide you with a replacement. You need a police report and a copy of your lost passport so it’s a good idea to have photocopies of your passport at hand. You will also need to pay some fees. If you’ve already reported your passport as stolen or lost and you find it, don’t use it again. These reported passports are entered into the Interpol’s database to prevent criminals from using your passport. You can get into trouble at the airport.


If you lose all your money, try to contact your relatives and friends at home to send you some. You can use different modes such as Western Union, ATM/Debit cards, credit card advances, etc. You can also ask your embassy for help to notify your family. They will not, however, give you money.

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Be prepared before embarking on a journey. Have some common sense and presence of mind when faced with an emergency in a foreign land

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