Five World Famous Roads, and Where to Find Them

All over the world, there are roads, streets and avenues which have become almost as famous as the cities in which they are located. Every day, thousands of pedestrians, cyclists and motorists use them, but for many of they remain something of a mystery. Here are five of the most celebrated of all.

Fifth Avenue

If you have never been to New York City before, you could perhaps be forgiven for thinking Fifth Avenue was just a small but prestigious collection of retail outlets, but there is far more to this iconic road than just stores. The avenue begins in Greenwich Village in the south and extends right across mid-Manhattan and as far north as the Harlem River at 142nd Street. Three of the Big Apple’s most famous construction projects – the Flatiron Building, Empire State Building and Rockefeller Center – all stand on Fifth Avenue.


A long, elegant and beautiful avenue, the Champs-Élysées in many ways sums up all that is good about Paris. Luxury stores, wide pavements, welcoming cafés and a large number of trees provide an attractive backdrop to any stroll. At the western end you will find the Place Charles de Gaulle, home of the Arc de Triomphe, while the Place de la Concorde is located at the eastern tip. On a summer’s day, there’s no finer tourist experience than traversing the whole of the avenue.

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Generally regarded as the citadel of the British government (it’s home to several government departments), Whitehall connects Parliament Square to Trafalgar Square in the heart of Westminster. Although only just over half a mile in length, the street exudes power and tradition, and it remains a popular location for visiting tourists. On the western side of Whitehall, you’ll find the small but important side road known to one and all as Downing Street.

O’Connell Street

O’Connell Street is located in the very heart of Dublin, and it features pleasingly wide pavements that make it the perfect place for an afternoon stroll. Named after 19th century nationalist leader Daniel O’Connell, it offers plenty for the visitor to see and do. The most eye-catching landmark is undoubtedly the Spire of Dublin, a spectacular sculpture that claims to be the world’s tallest, standing at almost 400 feet in height.

Avenida 9 de Julio

Commonly regarded as the widest avenue in the whole world, Avenida 9 de Julio is located in the Argentinean capital Buenos Aires. It runs from the waterfront overlooking the Rio de la Plata to the highly impressive Constitución railway station. In some sections, the avenue has a staggering fourteen lanes of traffic, and it’s home to a large number of restaurants and stores, as well as several fascinating landmarks such as the Obelisk and a pretty fountain.

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