Download to reset permanently blocked modems after the 10 attempts

Many at times you wanna enable voice calls or increase the speed on your huawei modem or Maybe you desperately entered wrong code 10 times and huh your huawei modem is now locked permanently to a particular network and you think all hope of unlocking it is gone here is where the tutorial was originally posted read below for solution
Download this small huawei multi-purpose unlocker

 you can use to :

 Reset permanently blocked modems after the 10 attempts, generate hauwei usb modems unlock (NCK) code and flash code, read modems data, Upgrade your hauwei download/upload speed e.g upgrading download speed from    3.6 MBPS to 7.2 MBPS, upgrade internet modems firmwares and dashboard (user interface profile), Relock already unlocked usb modems`, enable and disable usb modems voice feautures (e.g for making and receiving audio and video calls), Restart usb modem user interface from deskop join the discussion on Download to reset on our huawei modem unlock count to zero

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