Customer Service Tips For Online Jewelry Shops

We all know that the internet opened up amazing opportunities for aspiring artists, creators and designers. When it comes to practical arts, such as jewelry, opening an online shop and promoting it in an efficient way means that you can actually reach thousands of people all over the world.

So what makes the difference between successful and non-successful online jewelry shops? Why is it that two very similar shops, at least as far as the merchandise offered for sale is concerned, can get very different results?

After running several online jewelry shops for several years, I’ve reached the conclusion that other that SEO and online promotion, customer service is the single most important factor.

Keeping it Clear and Simple

The way you design your online shop and manage its content must be conceived as part of the customer service. When you present your online clients with an easy to use interface, easy to understand pricing and delivery options and readable terms and conditions, you are already providing good customer service. This is something that a lot of beginners do not understand. There are many levels to providing customer service and the online revolution changed the way the interaction between seller and buyer works. I know that when you invest so much time in the workshop you sometimes tend to overlook the other aspects that contribute to a sale, but buying customers are ultimately what allows us to continue with the creative work.

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Reaction time and Compromise

When you get a question from a customer about a product that you have for sale, you need to try and answer within minutes. You will be amazed what a huge difference a quick reaction time makes. It normally more than doubles the chances of making a sale. Being quick is not enough. You need to be clear, friendly and knowledgeable. The best way to go is to prepare a list of all possible questions before you start your online shop in order to be ready.

When it comes to complaints, always be willing to compromise. Remember that it’s not a question of who’s right or wrong; it’s about giving great service and doing what it takes to maintain your online reputation, even if it occasionally means losing money on a particular product.

When you get customer complaints about loss, displeasure from the product or anything else, always be understanding, if that’s the way they feel, you need to make sure you turn them around before your interaction is finished.

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