Unstructured Data: The Meaning and Why Every Business Needs it

Unstructured data is a sort of broad term for an even broader subject. It is as difficult to wrap your mind around the term as it is for unstructured data to be contained.So, what exactly does this mean? Let’s delve in. Unstructured data refers to all of the data that is generated that has no real, tangible record. This can include data that comes from the many forms of social media, and even Read On

Customer Service Tips For Online Jewelry Shops

We all know that the internet opened up amazing opportunities for aspiring artists, creators and designers. When it comes to practical arts, such as jewelry, opening an online shop and promoting it in an efficient way means that you can actually reach thousands of people all over the world.So what makes the difference between successful and non-successful online jewelry shops? Why is it that two Read On