Price-list of Wiko Phones and Devices in Nigeria: Updated Regularly


Wiko is a French smartphone manufacturing company with its majority-owned by Chinese technology group Tinno Mobile, this made its phones produced in china.

Wiko came into Nigeria mobile market newly, but has started making waves amazingly with their astonishing design, study hardware and reliable smartphones.

Here, I am going to list the available Wiko smartphones in Nigeria and their prices, these phones can be bought in any E-commerce site in the country such as Slot, Yudala and Konga.

The list are as follows:



wiko smartphones

Wiko GOA


wiko smartphones

Wiko Sunset 2


wiko smartphones

Wiko Sunse


wiko smartphones

Wiko Lenny


wiko phones

Wiko Lenny 2


wiko phones



wiko smartphones

Wiko Rainbow Jam


wiko phones

Wiko Getaway


wiko smartphones

Wiko Bloom


wiko phones

Wiko Rainbow


wiko phones

Wiko Highway Signs


wiko smartphone

Wiko Ridge


wiko smartphones

Wiko Highway Pure


wiko phones

Wiko Highway

wiko phones

 Wiko Robby

Wiko Robby

Wiko Sunny 

Wiko Sunny

Wiko Jerry

wiko jerry

Wiko U Feel Lite

Wiko U feel lite

Wiko Lenny 3

Wiko Lenny 3
That’s all we are going to list for today, stay in touch for the regular updates of the Wiko Smartphones price list.
What More?
we have tried our best to get to you the list of all the available Wiko Phones in Nigeria and their current prices in the top Online Shopping malls like konga, Slot, Yudala and Jumia. If there is anything more you would like to know about, do not hesitate in letting us know about them.

NOTE: all the phones listed above are not sold by US, this list is to enable people make a better choice when trying to buy a Blackberry phone.


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  1. Chibueze mozie says:

    Can they change a phones LCD?

  2. basil says:

    Hello please am using a wikorobby phone and when ever am playing a sung it goes off on it own please I have sent a massage before and no respond up till now! What can I do to it? here is my Email basilchimobi2017@gmail. com

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