What’s the best antivirus for gamers in IOS?

In earlier days many people used to develop malicious software for computers to collect the important information secretly without the owner’s knowledge. These are usually called as viruses that enter into the computer either through internet or placing other external drives to the CPU. The external drives can be pen drives, software CDs etc. The gaming CDs generally have viruses which disrupt the operation of the computer as soon as you install the game. To overcome this problem many anti-malware industries are developing antivirus software.
Some of the major computer viruses are Trojan horses, worms, spyware and other malicious programs. In the present generation due to increase in demand of smartphones, hackers are developing malware programs for mobile phone operating systems. The main aim of these bugs is to gather personal information such as bank account details, PayPal etc.
Hence different operating systems have different antivirus programs. However, Apple users are safe and they do not get much affected as that of other operating systems. There are few viruses that are attacking iOS during the installation of new games and other applications. Therefore it is necessary for a gamer or user to install anti-malware software in their Mac book or iPhone or tablets.

Let us see few important antivirus tools for iPad and iPhone users:
·        Sophos Security Threat Monitor
This is a free application that informs you everything about the malware threats, news and data. It gives you live updates directly from Sophos labs which is the global network for researchers who finds out the new spyware, worms, and phishing links. It has the following  features like threat spotlight, stats, maps etc. It is free and can be downloaded directly from Sophos.com or the iTunes store.
·        McAfee Global Threat Intelligence
This is another free application developed for your iPhone and iPad that gives you information about the latest vulnerabilities via McAfee’s threat feed. It listens to AudioParasitics and 2minute warning podcasts. If you’re suspicious about any link this app will help you instantly to find whether it’s a safe domain or not. McAfee global threat intelligence mobile has following cloud categorisation services such as file, message, web, network connection reputations and web categorisation.
·        iSafeguard security
It is a free antivirus that can be downloaded from the iTunes store. It has a wide range of features to protect from spyware and it increases your internet security including a scanner. It secures your data also backup your files, emails and sends immediate messages with encryption.
·        Virus Remover
Virus Remover is another anti-virus that is compatible for iOS. It is used to detect the internet threats during the download of any application. The cost of this tool is nearly 1.5£. With this app you can delete the infected part easily.
There are so many anti-malware tools that for your Apple’s OS that are easily available on the iTunes store. Some of them cost and others are free. If you don’t have enough cash to purchase these tools then you may opt for short-term loans like bad debt loan which will be useful to meet such requirements.
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  1. It is free and can be downloaded directly from Sophos.com or the iTunes store.

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