Wearable Tech: Digital Gadgetry for the Ages


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If recent interest is any indication, wearable technology is next frontier in must-have digital devices. Ranging from Bluetooth ear buds to activity monitors, wearable tech products ably address a variety of lifestyle needs for today’s consumers.

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Earbuds are a great accompaniment to just about any smart phone, but every user has experienced the distinct displeasure of wrestling with a hopelessly tangled pair. In this event, wireless tech can be a great addition to earbud design.

For those looking to make a statement with their wearable gear, Tags Wireless Earbuds are a great option. Designed to resemble soldier’s dog tags, these earbuds will allow you to enjoy your full music library with minimum hassle. This is especially important for jogging and other high-impact activities.


Polyphasic sleep cycles involve breaking down your required rest into smaller intervals throughout the day. These power naps are believed to boost energy and relieve stress when compared to more typical sleep schedules.

By using an innovative mask, the NeuroON can help you interpret brain waves and other bodily signals. Using these signals, the device then determines your the ideal waking time. Wake up is accomplished by using a lighting system that gets gradually brighter, mimicking the natural effects of a sunrise.

Google Glass

Unlike the other devices mentioned here, Google Glass isn’t designed to optimize one’s life, but rather to enhance it. This wearable computer allows users to remain connected at all times via a digitized headset and voice commands.

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While the Google Glass release was met with a great deal of enthusiasm, the item is not with controversy. However, this view is bound to change as more and more people gain access to what is a truly innovative device.


Activity trackers have become a de rigueur accessory for those serious about health and fitness. As a result, there are a number of devices available on the market, making the selection process a bit difficult.

Reign by Jaybird takes the functionality necessary in a fitness tracker and couples it with a distinct sense of style that is sometimes missing in other brands. This lets users remain on track when it comes to fitness goals, without sacrificing design aspects.


Resembling a Bluetooth headset, the Vigo uses infrared scanning to monitor eye blinks, which can include a variety of information on one’s current state. The device will let you know when it’s time to take a rest, which can be ideal for things like driving long distances, or other activities where being alert is essential.

A timely break can make all the difference once fatigue sets in. Using a combination of features, the Vigo will help you track your energy levels, and even provide alerts when a break is sorely needed.

Much like smart phones in years past, wearable technology is quickly becoming a large part of everyday living. Based on the devices above, wearable tech is only limited by what the imagination can conceive.

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